Acres of Grass Kit

25 pounds of Wheat, a Manual Healthy Juicer, 1 Quart Jar Sprouter w/Stainless Steel Screen Lid, Two 2-Crop Tray Set, Baby Blanket planting medium, Liquid Kelp Fertilizer, Detailed Instructions

Grow your own super nutritious Grass. What more need we say? Wheat Grass Juice, is one of the most remarkable liquids on Earth. Closer in chemical composition to blood than anything else - it is an elixer like no other. This kit has everything you need to grow and extract the juice from Wheat Grass.

Our Wheat comes from a source which is certified organic.

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For Growing Instructions, click the here: Wheat Grass.

You may also print the instructions that come with this kit: Acres of Grass Instructions

Grow Your Own Grass! In your kitchen (or wherever you like), with no mess.

The best (to our minds) and certainly the least expensive way to grow your own grass. This kit gives you what you need to grow 2 crops (each will yield 4-5 oz. of juice) of grass simultaneously and enough seed to plant dozens of crops. We also really like the soilless planting medium; Baby Blanket - it is the tidiest medium we know for growing grass.

Wheat Grass (like other cereal grasses; Barley, Oat, Rye, etc.) is an absolutely amazing addition to anyone's life. The juice produced from them is so very nutritious that you feel it as soon as you drink it! This bundle is an easy way to get into growing grass for juicing - and juicing it. Be aware: This can seriously change your life.

The Wheat in this kit is supplied to us by a great Nebraska farm family which is Certified Organic

The Seeds


Type: Hard (usually Red) Winter 25 pounds

Everything Else

Healthy Juicer

Our most popular juicer off all-time. Manual. Easy to clean. Efficient.

1 Quart Jar Sprouter with Stainless Steel Screen Lid

A Sprouter makes it easy to Pre-Sprout your Wheat before planting. Doing so makes for a MUCH better crop.

Two 2-Crop Tray Sets

Each Tray Set is one 10x20 inch Drip Tray and four 10x10 inch Trays - two for planting and two as Covers.

Baby Blanket

Eleven linear feet (by 1 meter wide) of this great soilless planting medium More than enough to plant 25 pounds of Wheat

Kelp Fertilizer

Concentrated liquid kelp - this little bottle makes up to 50 Gallons of fertilizer!

Spray Bottle

Your basic plastic bottle with a duck face looking sprayer.

Would that we were to have something to tell you, which we have yet to mention, we would do so here. There is nothing more to say ¢:-)

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