Awesome Potato Salad

Most, if not all Americans have made potato salad at some point in their lives. We all know how to make it best - but few know that it is even better when elevated by the flavor and beauty of sprouts.



  • Make potato salad.
  • Sprinkle or pour sprouts on top.



  • We like Beanie's Awesome Mix best for its gorgeous pastels, but this is the perfect dish to add every sprout to - regardless of type - with the possible exception of Grains which are sweet and chewy.
  • Impress (your sprout loving) - or alienate (your sprout hating) friends and family next time you are hosting, or have a potluck. Sure to impress on July 4th - especially if you mix red Adzuki Beans and French Blue Lentils into white potato salad.

Seeds for Awesome Potato Salad

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