Bean Extreme Sprout Kit

This item has been discontinued. Sprouting Devices: 4 Hemp Bags and 2 Easy Sprout Sprouters. The Seeds: 5 pounds each (total of 25 pounds) of our most popular sprouting beans: Beanie's Awesome Mix, Mung Bean, Pea Carnival, Peasant Mix and San Francisco Mix.

The Ultimate Bean Sprout Bundle! Get a whole lot of Beans to sprout and a bunch of great Sprouters, to sprout them in. We also offer a Seed Refill for this kit.

All of our Beans come from sources which are certified organic.

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For Sprouting Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow. You may also view/print the Detailed Instructions that come with this kit. To learn about a Sprouter, click its name.

25 pounds of our most popular Sprouting Beans and 6 bean friendly Sprouters.

Eat them eat them here they are! Our bean mixes have hooked thousands of people on sprouts. Munch them raw, right out of the Sprouter (or put them in a bowl. You'll enjoy them so much more =;-) - throw them on rice a minute or two before it is done cooking, throw in a stir fry, or pack a pita - you name it.

From Basic to Exotic, Bean Extreme will keep you in Bean Sprouts for quite awhile; the 25 pounds of beans will yield 50 pounds of sprouts! With this many Sprouters, you can grow up to 12 pounds at once - if you want to. Bean Sprouts are colorful, diverse in flavor and texture, and are fun - and easy to grow. Our 1st Cook Book(let) is also included in the kit.

For Sprouting Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow. To learn about a Sprouter, click its name.

The Seeds

Beanie's Awesome Mix

Green, Crimson & Red Chief Lentils, Green, Marrowfat & Yellow Peas, Beige Garbanzos and Adzuki Beans

An amazingly beautiful - pastel bean mix. Our original bean combo - Beanie's was originally called Jupiter's Awesome Mix - after our (first) beloved dog, who is responsible for our move "back to the land", and is our 2nd most popular bean blend of all time (just barely behind San Francisco Mix). Beanie's Awesome Mix lends itself to many Recipes.

Mung Bean

The most consumed sprout on Earth, Mung Beans are generally grown in China and are used extensively in Asian cuisine. Perhaps the most exciting sprout to grow as it offers unique challenges. Mung Beans are probably the best sprout of all to cook with - especially if you like Chinese food. We have some truly great recipes for Mung Bean Sprouts.

Pea Carnival

Green, Speckled, Marrowfat, Tiny Mottled Bill Jump & Yellow Peas

A combination of every Pea we have in stock. Pea Carnival varies slightly depending on supply, but usually contains 5 peas. It is amazingly beautiful - especially once sprouted. Kids really like this one. When the sprouts are let grow for 4 or 5 days they will form long roots and shoots with the Pea in-between. Apparently there is some fun in pulling them apart while holding the pea in your teeth which only children truly appreciate. Maybe its a Midwestern kid thing =:-)

Peasant Mix

Green, French Blue, Crimson, Black, Eston, Pardina, White, and Red Chief or Red Cap Lentils

If there was only one item you could get from us, Peasant Mix should be your choice. Well, it would be our's. Lentils offer everything: Lentils store forever, they are excellent nutritionally, they are easy to sprout, they taste great sprouted for 2 days or for 6 days (and all in between), they are great raw and cooked and the sprouts last for weeks and weeks in the fridge. Did we mention: Peasant Mix is BEAUTIFUL!

San Francisco Mix

Peanuts, Mung Bean, Adzuki Bean. Black, Crimson, Eston, French Blue & Green Lentils. Green, Speckled & Bill Jump Peas. Black, Brown & Beige Garbanzos

13 (or so) seeds mixed up to make our most popular sprout at the Dane County Farmer's Market - where we sold over 100 pounds every weekend throughout the Summer to our loyal and delighted customers, for many years. The inclusion of Peanuts is the main reason that more folks are addicted to this than to any other of our sprouts. The most popular use of this mix (and many other bean sprouts) is as a snack - the majority of our customers say they eat SF Mix like popcorn or mixed nuts - straight, but we have some great recipe ideas too. Our personal favorite is Spicy San Francisco Snack Mix. It Rocks - and has a nice kick too!

The Sprouters

Two Easy Sprout Sprouters

Overwhelmingly our most popular sprouter, Easy Sprout is also our personal favorite. We have well over a dozen in our house. It offers great drainage and the best air-circulation of any sprouter.

Easy Sprout is made up of a 1 Quart (litre) Growing Vessel, a Solid container/Base that catches excess Rinse water, a Small Seed Insert that snaps in when sprouting small seeds, two Growing Lids (1 for home (Domed) and 1 for the road (Flat)), and a Solid Lid for refrigerator storage of your sprout crop.

Easy Sprout is the best all-around sprouter. Period. It is the mandatory choice for high humidity sproutpeople everywhere and great for travel sprouting! Very versatile - Easy Sprout can sprout virtually any seed, anywhere!

Easy Sprout is part of many of our Kits.

Four Hemp Bag Sprouters

Made by Sproutpeople!

The perfect Bean and Grain sprouter. The Hemp Bag is even capable of growing Leafy and Brassica sprouts - though it takes extra care to do those well. It's also excellent for Micro-Greens - it acts as a planting medium.

The Hemp Bag is the most convenient travel sprouter ever. It folds up flat and does a great job hanging on a backpack, on a boat or over a hotel sink!

The Hemp Bag offers superior drainage and exceptional .

Our Hemp Bags are made for us, locally. They measure Approximately 6 1/2 inches wide x 9 1/2 inches tall.

Though this Kit does come with Detailed Instructions, you will always find the most information by visiting each seed's Detailed Page. You will also find notes specific to each seed/mix, on their Detailed Page. We also offer a Seed Refill for this kit.

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