Beginners Grass And Greens Kit

This item has been discontinued. Single Harvest Packs of Greens: Sunflower Greens, Buckwheat Lettuce, Pea Shoots, and Spicy Salad Greens and : Wheat, Kat Grass, Oats, and Rye or Barley along with Growing Trays, Planting Medium, Kelp Fertilizer and more.

Take the next step - after you know how to sprout seeds - in your sprout education by learning how to grow Grass and Greens. Discover more about the potential of seeds, and which crops you like best.

All of the seeds in this Kit come from sources which are certified organic.

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For Growing Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow.

You may also view and/or print the instructions we send with the kit: Beginner's Grass and Greens Kit Instructions.

Greens are seeds which are sprouted (pre-sprouted) for a day or two and then spread atop moist soil or a soilless medium (Baby Blanket in the case of this kit) and grown into plants which are harvested by cutting at the base of the grown plant - about a week after planting. They are used on salads, sandwiches or as a snack.

Grasses are pre-sprouted as well and grown similarly. When grown it is usually juiced (using an extracting or masticating juicer) but can also be used as a center piece or to please animals in your house.

This is a great way to see if you like growing and eating these plants. It takes a bit more work than sprouts, but it opens up a whole world of possibility. Give it a try!

To find greater detail, and for thorough Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow or know about.

The Seeds


Buckwheat Lettuce

Whole. In Hull Buckwheat

These Greens which are often called Buckwheat Lettuce, are sprouted (as are almost all Greens) for a couple days and then planted on soil or a similar medium, kept moist for 5 - 7 days to produce a full crop of very tender thin shoots with cute, and outrageously tender leaves and red tinged stems. Very easy to grow. Read this information before ordering.

Pea Shoots

Speckled, Snow or Other Good Shoot Producing Pea

Grown from virtually any Pea variety, Shoots are the plant above the soil. They produce a robust, tender Shoot in 8 - 14 days (depending on your climate, time of year and for how long you grow them). Really excellent stir-fried quickly with some garlic and tamari (soy sauce) and (optionally) ginger.

Note: You can grow shoots from any Pea. They all have different characteristics, so experiment.

Spicy Salad Greens

Daikon Radish, Cress and Arugula

An exceptionally tasty and aromatic Brassica mix. This one can be grown on soil or similar medium, a thoroughly moistened Hemp Bag or our handsome and inexpensive Compostable Tray with some Baby Blanket. Milder than (not as hot) the sprouts produced by these same seeds, Spicy Salad Greens is a beautiful gourmet addition to salads - just scatter a small bunch on top. We never give away our mix recipes, but we will warn you that this mix is made up mostly of Daikon Radish. The Cress and Arugula also grow much smaller plants, so you may not even see them when you harvest. They are there though, and as they have so much flavor, they impart what we want. Do be sure to cut as close to the medium as possible when harvesting, so you get as much of their flavors as possible.

Sunflower Greens

Black Oil Sunflower - in shell

Greens grown from Sunflowers are amazingly delicious! One of the greatest surprises in the world of sprouts are Sunnys! If you you don't feel you know us well enough to take our word for it, just look under your bird feeder in summertime for a sorta thick stemmed plant about 4-6"" tall, with 2 leaves on top. Pick it off above the soil - wash well - and eat it stem and leaves..... See? Great aren't they? Now you can grow your own!


Wheat Grass

The classic power drink's source plant. Easy to grow and seriously rejuvenating when ingested. If everyone drank this stuff the average life expectancy would jump 10 years, this is greeeaat stuff! Wheat Grass Juice is has a very intense flavor. We've been drinking it since the 1970s and have found that we enjoy it more now than ever - since we got a Green Life (since improved by the manufacturer and now called Green Star) juicer - we mix our grass juice with carrot and apple juice - it is delicious!

Kat Grass

Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Flax

Grass for cats, salad for cats (and kittens, and a plethora of other creatures), whatever you call it - it is really amazing stuff! Cats and other creatures need vegetable matter in their diet, just like people, and Kat Grass supplies that along with great nutrition. We even include a little Flax which is good for their coats. Many of you know that your cats need this, because they eat your house plants - that is the surest sign that your cat will love this treat. Kat Grass is easily grown - on soil or a soilless medium - like Baby Blanket. All you do to serve your cat (etc.) is to place the container of living grass near their food dish or in some other place they'll find it. They'll do the rest =:-)

Oat Grass

Hulless, Raw Nebraska Oats

We have been getting the highest quality Oats available for many years, thanks to our farmer friends Mark and Ila. These are raw - no heat has ever been applied to them. They are Hulless Oats (sometimes mistakenly called groats), they grow (in the farmer's fields) without a Hull (they are one of only two Grains we know of, to have a Hulless variety). Favored by many a cat and human, as well as countless other creatures; Oats are a wonderfully tender Grain which grows a Grass with a mild sweetness.

Barley Grass

Whole (hull on) Montana Barley or (on rare occasion) Hulless Barley

A broad blade grass with a lighter green color than Wheat, Barley Grass is consumed by many people in the form of a powder or capsule called Super Barley Green®. The juice is a much more potent food - as are all living foods. The juice is quite intense - flavor wise, so we advise that you mix it with other grains on this page to come up with your tastiest juice. That is a completely subjective decision - some of you might love straight Barley Grass Juice - but around here we like to mix it into our Wheat at a rate of about 4:1 (20% Barley). The Grasses all provide about the same nutrition so mix and match freely.


Rye Grass

Rye produces a Red tinged blade of grass (more so when grown in cooler conditions during the winter months). It has very much the same flavor as Wheat Grass. It is so beautiful that we mix it with Wheat to produce Christmas Grass when the season calls for it. It looks great in Easter baskets too - as do all of our .

Everything Else

8-Crop Tray Set

One 10x20 inch Drip Tray and sixteen 5x5 inch Trays - eight for planting and eight as Covers.

Baby Blanket

Soilless planting medium. 8 pre-cut pieces

Kelp Fertilizer

Concentrated liquid. Makes up to 50 Gallons of fertilizer!

Spray Bottle

Your basic plastic bottle with a duck face looking sprayer.

You may want a Sprouter too (to sprout your seeds before planting), if you don't already have one you like. The kit's instructions will give you a way to do this with what is supplied, so don't feel you must have a Sprouter too.

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