The Cat Nest

We lavish our pets with all sorts of niceties. They of course prefer to take over things not meant for them. When we noticed our cats sleeping in 10x10 Trays we'd brought home to grow in, we decided to make them a destination - a Nest. Folding up a couple pieces of our hemp felt created nice thick bumpers.

We wanted to give them something more durable so we are now offering the Nest with beautiful 1/8 inch eco felt made of 100% unprocessed natural wool. So luxurious! (Most photos for the Nest are still of the hemp!)

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An inexpensive cat bed made up of a quite durable - yet flexible - which is VERY Important for big cats - Solid 10x10 inch Tray, and two pieces of our Hemp Felt (10x20 inch). Cat people already know that this will be a big hit in their house - - those of you who wonder - Why? - aren't catty enough =;-)
One 10x10 Solid Tray and two 10x20 inch Baby Blanket Pads.

Fold Pads as shown in our pictures - or any way you prefer. Place it anywhere - like the middle of your dining room or kitchen table - or both and watch the cats nest.

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