Updated July 13


Orders are now shipping within one week. We expect to be quicker than that but we're cutting ourselves some slack. We've been stressing over orders since February - we just really need to loosen up. In the end that will make us faster - so allow for a week (for it to depart) and enjoy anything less.



We have some ordering limits now.  Please abide by these so as to keep things running more smoothly. We may cancel and refund orders that ignore these...

Shopping carts cannot limit the value of orders.  The goal of sales is generally one thing: More.  We're different.  We're happy to sell you what you need, but we want to serve all of our regulars as well as as many new customers as possible - so we instituted limits.

1) Do not exceed 12 different items. You can have multiple units of each item you order, but no more than 12 different items.

2)  We love to help, but amending orders after they are placed takes a disproportionate amount of time - so - Please be sure your order is right before you submit it.

3) If you place more than one order - PLEASE TELL US by leaving a note on your second order as you checkout. If we can combine your orders we will both save on shipping.  Of course - your multiple orders cannot exceed limit #1 - and if they do and we notice that you have multiple orders - well - we'll get mad.  So - if you have multiple small orders PLEASE TELL US.  If you have multiple large orders you should hope we don't notice - cuz if we do we may take it as hoarding. 

We will cancel and refund orders that exceed our limits.  If you have a genuine need for more - please write us and explain why it's okay.  As always with us - kind people get the best service.


Due to current conditions we have been unable to have labels printed for our seeds and mixes.  We have been repurposing old labels (varieties we no longer offer) - so many of your seeds may have ovals with the variety name.  Some of our labels ceased sticking, so we have to tape them onto the bags.  This is all very silly, but everyone has to get by these days - and this is one way we are doing that.  We're thinking of other ways to speed up our processes - so we may go with ovals only.  Whatever the case - the seeds are the usual great quality.



We first went online to teach sprouting - in 1996. We're still about education first - and since we are filling endless orders right now we don't have much time to answer questions - so knowing how to get the most from our site is very important...

Our Seed and Mix pages - as well as our Sprouter and Supply pages are organized with TABS and in the case of the seed pages - DRAWERS. Clicking on either will open the content behind it.

If you're new to sprouting, please focus on the tab labeled Detailed Instructions, but do check them all out. We also offer Brief Instructions (for the experienced indoor farmer), Growing Photos, Recipes, Product Specific Notes, Sprouting Basics, and quite a bit more. Though relevant videos appear on most pages - you can find all of our videos on our YouTube page. @;-)


For all of you who have recently received or are waiting for seeds - please be sure to visit our Seed Storage page. We want your seeds to live as long as possible.


We are paying twice what we normally pay for freight. That combined with escalating seed costs has forced us to raise some of our prices. We aren't dumping all these additional costs on you, but we are sharing them with you. We have also raised our "free shipping" minimum to help offset these added expenses. It is now $70.  You do know that we pay the shipping on those orders - it's not free to us. We're fine (well - not fine, but we've accepted it) with losing 25% of a sale to the shippers - but we are not able to pay more - hence the increase. You are of course always welcome to pay the shipping if you are financially able.  We love when our customers do that!  Thank you to all who do!  If you can't afford that please don't feel bad.  We love you too!

This (at least) borders on shameless - but because there are so many combinations of web browsers, operating systems, and hardware - different people get different things when checking out.  In our case addresses repeat, you need to enter a business or some other random thing.  Some people do not get anything but Free shipping as a shipping option - so for those of you (there are more than a few) who want tyo pay shipping but don't get the option - we do have a page called Dollars.  It's there to collect order additions and such, but if you really need to clear some cash - you can do it there @:-D

Thank you for your support and patience.

Be well.

Happy Growing!

Gil + Lori


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