Our store is currently closed.

We finished shipping all remaining orders on April 3. 

If you didn't see your tracking email - please check your spam/junk.  We sent it.


We are expecting more seeds in around April 7, but until they arrive we will not start selling them. Once we have them we will set our inventory and whatever order limits we decide on and will reopen our store. We think this will be around April 10


Sproutpeople has always been about education first, and now you have the time to learn. There! A silver lining! Now would be a good time to add items to your cart for when we reopen.  Our cart keeps its contents for 90 days - If you have an account - so you definitely want to make one of those.

Putting items in a shopping card does Not put you in line. You will ll be in line when you place an order, It isn't possible to place an order until we reopen.  There is currently no way to check out.


We will be instituting some limits as we are determined to serve as many people as possible - and we especially want to take care of our loyal long-time customers.  We do not yet know what limits we will have - but they are likely to be a limit on the number of items you can order (15 max) and the dollar value of your order ($300 max).  We will clarify everything as we decide.  Right now we are working our (over 60 year old) tails off filling orders we took in the prior to closing our store on March 17.


Our Seed and Mix pages - as well as our Sprouter and Supply pages are organized with TABS and in the case of the seed pages - DRAWERS. Clicking on either will open the content behind it. If you're new to sprouting, please focus on the tab labeled Detailed Instructions, but do check them all out. We also have Brief Instructions (for the experienced indoor farmer), Growing Photos, Recipes, Product Specific Notes, Sprouting Basics, and so much more. Though relevent videos appear on most pages - you can find all of them on our YouTube page. Now you have no excuse for not watching our amazingly detailed videos @;-)


You can feel safe with us. We are 3 people with very little social contact. Lori and I are nowhere but work and home anymore, and Luisa's family is sheltering in place. We are always clean because we deal with food, but we're washing and sanitizing everything even more nowadays. 

Thank you for your support and patience.

Stay well, stay safe.

Gil + Lori