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This is the juicer we use in our home, and have for over a decade. It juices grass splendidly, as well as every fruit or vegetable we have ever asked it to. It's easy to clean and extremely durable. The Green Star extracts juice using its twin gears. Its powerful, low RPM speed generates virtually no heat, and thoroughly crushes and presses that which you feed through it, whereas grinding juicers can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients with the heat they generate.

The Green Star is the greatest juicer we have ever experienced. We feel that once you have one of these, you will never need another juicer. It is expensive, so do make certain you really want juice before you spring for one. We do not stock these - we have them shipped to you by our supplier, so if you order other items as well, know that you will be receiving multiple packages.

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Instructions come with your Green Star juicer =:-)

We started with a Manual Wheat Grass Juicer, moved to an electric (MJ-550) Grass Juicer. A few years later and in 1999 we bought The Green Life (which is what this juicer was called until 2002). It has totally changed our lives.

When we are juicing seriously; we can go through 3-5 big trays of Wheat Grass, 20 - 30 pounds of Carrots and 10 pounds of Apples weekly. We juice a lot of watermelons in summer (our kids favorite), make exotic beverage meals like Pineapple + Cilantro + Lime (a recipe we got from the Green Life recipe book which can be purchased separately), and basically experiment freely with anything and everything - because this juicer will juice just about anything and as you find out when you have such a powerful juice machine - Juice is Great! The increased energy and general feeling of health that we have is awesome.

wheatgrass juice,wheat grass juice This is our, now widely used, picture of wheatgrass juice

The Green Star is actually an extractor

This makes the resulting juice different in several ways. Juicers and blenders with fast rotating blades can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables due to the heat during the operation of the machine. The Green Star has a unique triturating twin gear feature which is an impeller press system, its powerful low r.p.m turning speed generates virtually no heat to your juice and thoroughly crushes and presses fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting and shredding them into small pieces. The resulting juice is packed with nutrients - you'll feel your juice =:-) And - The new Twin Gear system incorporates magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies which enables juices made in The Green Star to be stored longer, without losing nutrients.

Pulp is ejected at the end of the machine as you juice like any Grass Juicer, so you can juice continuously. If we ever remodel our kitchen we would make a rather big part of it "The Juice Area". Part of the reason is that if we can build our compost container into our counter - we can eject more pulp and juice virtually non-stop when we're juicing.

Green Star is a very quiet and durable juicer.

As we said before The Green Star will juice just about anything. We regularly juice Wheat Grass, Carrots, Apples, Beets, Watermelon, Ginger, Pears, Pineapples, Cilantro - pretty much anything. The only thing we haven't been able to juice is Bananas. The patented Pocket Recess of the Twin Gear easily guides tough, fibrous vegetables and herbs into the juicing area between the two gears. There are three cutting points on the TWIN GEAR, set to cut stringy fibers into small pieces, preventing a machine jam, which can occur with ordinary dual gear juicers. We are pretty heavy users and we have not had anything more than a temporary clog which was (caused by Gil's trying to fit too much in at once) easily fixed by flipping the motor into reverse momentarily. Though The Green Star is not listed as a commercial juicer it has impressed me more than many of the commercials I have seen as regards durability.

Easy to clean

greenstar juicer You can easily disassemble this machine for cleaning. A great multi-faceted brush is included in each box. It is a rule in our house that s/he who juices shall wash the juicer promptly. If you pull off the front end and clean it within an hour or so of juicing it takes no time at all to complete the task. If you let it sit all day that is something else all together.

Check out these Gears:green star juicer gears

Whatever you feed in through the top comes down in between these gears. The fruit, grass or vegetable is crushed and squeezed to perfection. The picture shows you the interior as well.

Main Features of the Green Star Juice Extractor

1. Super twin gear triturating and squeezing power, equivalent to 4HP. 2. One-step continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection. 3. Juices all vegetables and fruits. 4. Juice can be stored in a refrigerator long periods of time without losing nutritional value. 5. Heavy duty construction using highest quality materials. 6. Ejected pulp is dry indicating maximum juice extraction. 7. Make wheat grass juice, herb juices, baby foods, nut butters, pastas*, mochi* (Japanese rice cake), and an interesting variety of other delicious food. 8. Easy to disassemble/assemble and clean. 9. 110 rpm rotational speed for low heat and noise. 10. Reverse turning safety feature. 11. Built-in convenience chord storage. 12. Carrying handle for easy relocation of the machine.

Parts & Specifications

green star juicer parts


12" high x 6.5" wide x 18.5" long built in handle built in chord storage 110 rpm turning speed 190 watts - 60 hertz - 120 volts 5 year warranty on unit. 2 year warranty on motor and gears.

Grow Your Own Grass! Drink More Juice!

wheatgrass   wheatgrass juice

Learn how to grow Wheat Grass


Grass Greens Leafy Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Bean Sprouts Nut, Seed and Pseudograin Sprouts Micro-Greens Grain Sprouts Exotic Sprouts and any other sprout, fruit or vegetable you wish to extract juice from.

Green Star Notes

We sell the Green Star Model GS-1000

Some of the things you run through the Green Star will foam up. Green Star recommends oiling the gears with cooking oil before juicing. During juicing, if foam begins to form, drizzle a little cooking oil into the hopper (the shute where you put the wheatgrass, fruit and veggeis) and briefly run it through. In our kitchen we experience foam mostly with apples. We juice a lot of apples. Our solution is to keep carrots ready - we juice even more carrots - they will pass through the juicer perfectly and will clean out the softer apples. We use carrots in this way during many of our juicings.

Grass juice is extremely well extracted by Green Star - the amount of juice you get is the most you'll get from any juicer! Some folks are concerned about all the foam that passes through the juicer along with their juice. We have found that foam regardless of the juicer we use and consider it a reality of grass. Our advice: Just live with it - the juice you get is what you should get (10-20 ounces per 10x20 inch tray) - the foam is not lost juice - it is a by product: foam.

We do not stock these juicers. When you order them we call our supplier and have one - or more - drop shipped directly to you. If you need additional parts or items, or a different voltage - like 220v - just ask!

Note: Overseas customers: If you need a 220 volt, we can get it for you. We will need you to pay $30 more however. Use our Contact Form to send us a note, telling us you need 220v, and we'll let you know how to pay for it.

juice recipes

Living With Green Star By Elysa Markowitz

When we bought our Green Star we bought this book too. It is full of great and usable recipes. Here is the publishers text: When you think of a juice extractor, do you think of soups, crackers, paté, or even pies? Probably not, unless you are familiar with the Green Star line of juice extractors. Green Star machines open the door to longevity and energy by making enzymes and nutrients readily available in a variety of foods. Short of eating a salad every meal, what can you prepare that tastes great but still contains the enzymes and nutrients vital for health? In this exciting user manual and recipe book, Elysa Markowitz answers this question and many more, as you discover the ease and health benefits of eating a raw foods diet. With over 150 recipes ranging from Berry Red Juice to Picky Pecan Pie, you can adopt the raw foods diet with confidence. Imagine the delight of serving your family and friends a meal of Creamy Basil Soup, Nutty Nut Patties and Warmed Barley Bread knowing the food is delicious and nutritious. This beautiful book provides you with tools to build optimal health: clear instructions, recipe tips, a photo gallery of raw food delights. Green Star and a host of unique recipes tempt your taste buds to explore the world of living foods.

You can buy the book here: Living With Green Star

Juice Recipes

Drink Me Grass Roots

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