Kids Sprouting Kit


A crystal clear, two-tiered, plastic sprouter (very similar to this one), Single Harvest Packs of Beanie's Awesome Mix,
Moo Mix, Pea Carnival and Sweet Wheat, a variable strength folding magnifier, and our kid friendly literature.

Introduce young humans to the marvel of sprouting!

All of the seeds in this Kit come from sources which are certified organic.

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Experience the Wonders of Sprouting - Close-Up!

A crystal clear, 2-Tiered Tray Sprouter, 4 pre-measured bags of seed which are kid favorites, a pocket magnifier, kid friendly growing instructions and recipes... and access to our Kidzone Sprout pages. You don't need to buy the kit to go there actually.

This kit provides all that a young person needs to become a young sproutperson. A fun, delicious, educational and nutritious introduction to sprouts.

For Sprouting Instructions, and to learn more about a seed/mix, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow.. Sprouts for tweens

The Seeds

Single Harvest Packs of

Beanie's Awesome Mix

Green, Crimson & Red Chief Lentils, Green, Marrowfat & Yellow Peas, Beige Garbanzos and Adzukis

A remarkably beautiful pastel bean mix where the greens, yellows and oranges are set off by the addition of deep red Adzuki Beans. Beanie's Awesome Mix is our original bean combo and was originally called Jupiter's Awesome Mix - after our (first) beloved dog, who is responsible for our move "back to the land" and subsequently the rest of our lives. Jupie loved beans (her traditional birthday meal was chicken and beans) of all kinds. Awesome Mix is a wonderful snack and lends itself to many recipes.

Moo Mix

Clover and Alfalfa

Our mildest Leafy sprout blend. Perfect for kids as they will recognize these as sprouts. Leafy sprouts are what Americans most commonly think of when we think of sprouts, and Moo Mix is the one mix in this kit which will grow leaves - so the education gained in growing this mix is exceptional.

Pea Carnival

Green, Speckled, Marrowfat, Tiny Mottled Bill Jump & Yellow Peas

5 Pretty Peas combined into a lovely, easy to sprout treat. Kids like this one. When the sprouts are let grow for 4 or 5 days they will form long roots and shoots with the Pea in-between. Apparently there is some fun in pulling them apart while holding the pea in your teeth which only children truly appreciate. Maybe its a Midwestern kid thing - we dunno - but we saw a lot of this during our days as market vendors in Madison, Wisconsin =:-)


Very very easy to sprout, very very sweet and very very nutritious! If you plant a barely sprouted grain of Wheat - or a bunch of them - and you care for them - they will grow Grass - specifically Wheat Grass. That is not part of this kit's education - but don't let us stop you. It is very cool!

The Sprouter

One Two-Tiered Tray Sprouter - very similar to the Bio-Salad Sprouter

The stackable growing trays are light weight, crystal clear plastic. Between crops, clean with hot water and dish soap. The manufacturer says this sprouter is not dishwasher safe.

The Rest

1 Folding Multi-Strength Magnifier (15x maximum magnification) Kid Friendly Sprouting Instructions See our Kid's Sprout Kit Instructions

Recipes Ideas of how to eat each of your super nutritiously delicious crops.

Access to experiments and fun sprout science on-line at Sproutpeople's Kidzone. Update Coming Soon!


This is the second incarnation of our Kid's Sprout Exploration Kit. The first version passed into history with the demise of The Tube sprouter. The old kit was MUCH more expensive!

We have always thought a clear sprouter was a must for this kit. Watching sprouts grow is cool. Examining sprouts with the magnifier is a thrill. It's easy with a tray sprouter, and it's easiest with a clear sprouter. Clear plastic sprouters are a rarity (we thought glass too heavy and breakable for this kit), so it took us some time to find one. The sprouter in this kit is a generic sprouter which is almost an exact replica of a sprouter we used to sell called Bio-Salad. This generic sprouter is made of fairly light weight plastic. It may last for years and years, but it is more fragile than other plastic sprouters we sell. Tray sprouting with this sprouter is a really easy and it is very versatile - you can grow most anything in it. It is a great introductory sprouter.

We include enough seed for four crops. You can grow 2 at once by using both trays of the sprouter at once if you like. Your kid (and you, we hope) will need more seed in no time. You may want to consider Samplers if you want to try a wide variety.

We make very little on this kit, and frankly we have never sold a whole lot of Kid's Kits, but, it is the item we are most excited to see on an order. Growing your own food is an empowering and exciting thing to do. There is no better time to start than when young. We hope you enjoy sprouting with your kids as much as we have.

Happy Sprouting! Lori & Gil Sproutpeople

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