Manual Grass Juicer - Stainless Steel

Manual Grass Juicer - Stainless Steel


This is the Stainless Steel version of the basic manual grass juicer. Our first Juicer was identical to this, though made of chrome-plated cast iron.

It clamps onto your counter or table and you crank the wooden handle to extract the nectar of
life from freshly cut grass. If you are only juicing a few ounces a day this is a great choice.

Note: We do not stock these - we have them shipped to you by our supplier, so if you order other items as well, know that you will be receiving multiple packages. The current make and model is Weston 36-3801-W.

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This is identical to the 1st juicer we ever owned. It makes juice from grass!

Made of Stainless Steel, this juicer can clamp on to many surfaces and allows you to easily extract juice from grass with a few turns of it's wooden handled crank.

We started with a Manual Wheat Grass Juicer, moved to an electric - MJ-550 Grass Juicer a few years later and in 1999 we bought The Green Life. We used our Manual juicer quite a lot for quite a while. It clamps on to a counter or table, it juices grass well, it is easy to clean, it requires no electricity (which was a real plus for us back when we lived in a log cabin). It is actually quite fun - if you just want to drink a couple ounces of grass juice every now and then. If you want to drink more than that you might consider going electric, but if you can't afford it or don't have electricity (don't laugh - we didn't when we bought our Manual Juicer), you can count on being able to extract up to 4 ounces of juice daily before you really start to suffer from over-work.

Grass Juice is the most potent food on Earth! It is the closest thing - chemically - to blood, known to humans! Whatever it takes to get grass juice you should do (don't break any good laws please). If you can buy it at a juice bar - do it! If you can't get it any other way then to grow and juice your own - do it! It is not a great flavor, but you will feel it. In your body and in your head you will feel it. It feels good!

wheatgrass juice We are very proud to tell you that this picture is ours. We have seen it on so many web sites! We sadly broke this shot glass, but it lives on - here and on dozens of other sites. We are flattered that so many grass juice people find our picture good enough to copy. Go for it - that is one of the great things about the internet - sharing.



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