Notes about our Site

How Sproutpeople Sells Seeds

We sell seeds by the pound (since September, 2001). With the exception of some and Kits and Samplers we sell by lesser weights only on particular seeds: Garlic, Onion, some Micro-Greens, and a couple other Exotics, which sell by the 1/2 or - in rare cases - 1/4 pound.

We will bag your seeds in as few bags as possible - for example:
If you order 3 pounds of Alfalfa, we will send you one bag weighing 3 pounds.
If you want us to ship your multiple pounds in 1 lb. bags, please tell us as you check-out of our online store.


Everything we have is sold by the Unit.
In the case of a Sprout Kit, a Sprouter, a Juicer, or other non-seed item - a unit is one, or one package.
For seeds, a unit is whatever weight we sell the seed in. Each Seed that is sold in a quantity other than by-the-pound is clearly noted. Any seed without a weight notation is sold by-the-pound.

Why We Are the Way We Are

It was on July 28, 1996 that we registered the internet domain On September 1 we put our first site up. We had few pages back then and we hosted our site on an old (even then) Mac SE/30, in our Gays Mills, Wisconsin Sprout Factory. The Mac was attached to a 14.4 kb modem. When a visitor came to the Mac would make a doorbell sound. We were always busy growing sprouts back then, but we would often stop and run to the Mac to see what pages our visitor looked at. It was always so VERY exciting! We have jumped back and forth from our .com to .net to .org domains when making big changes to the site, but all are Sproutpeople. We no longer hear a doorbell when you come to our site, but it is still very exciting to us, to know folks use our site. We're very glad you're here.

We have always done our own web work. At first we posted several pages with sprouting instructions and the like. We kept it small until we decided we had to share all we had learned about sprouting, so, I (Gil) built the site we just replaced, between 1999-2001. I have maintained it ever since. It was getting old years ago, but it was only in late 2010 that we finally got our new site (once again 2 years in the making) online.

Lori and I have always done everything Sproutpeople needs. Everything! But the web has gotten past me, so we worked with an actual web design company to re-build our site. That didn't work out at all well. We paid them a huge amount of money upfront (we are so stupid sometimes), but the site languished. In the end I had to rewrite every page in html, and to learn about all sorts of stuff I'd have preferred not to, just to get the site done. We managed to get this site up through our own hard work, and with the help of freelance designers (who are the folks we should have hired in the first place). The new Sproutpeople site retains all of our content, but it has been improved, and it presents itself in a less crowded way. The key is our new shopping cart. It allows you to save favorite items for easy re-ordering, maintain an order history and allows you to track shipments. It's the dawning of a golden age at Sproutpeople. Though our older content remains, all of the purchase points are gone, or will be very soon - instead offering a link to this new site. Since so many people link to us on their web sites, it is possible that you may have gotten in via one of our old pages. We trust you won't be too confused. Once you get to any new page, you will stay in the the new site. We hope you like this new site.

If you notice anything wrong here, please, please let us know. There is a Contact Form under the About Us menu, just to the left of the Search box atop every page.

We had plans to make some serious layout changes to this new home page, but since we ended up finishing the site largely on our own, I chose to drop some of them in favor of our traditional rambling text. So - if you keep reading and scrolling, you'll find it looks and sounds very familiar. Enjoy the ride!

We are a tiny business, and at this point we no longer sacrifice our children to our business (though they may not agree). We do our business VERY well (if we do say so ourselves) but it is no longer our goal to be great at business above all else (it never really was, but one does get carried away sometimes) - - we think it is essential that we be good parents and happy people. To that end we have some limitations - like all orders come from this web site - you MUST shop online to buy from us. We fill orders quickly (usually 2-4 business days) but we reserve the right to take longer . We are very fast on E-mail, but we reserve the right to be slow (you wouldn't believe some of the questions we get! I mean really, we have this huge, free, always available (24/7/365.25) web site, but people still write us even though their questions are easily answered here. We also get a lot of E-mail from folks who buy cheap seeds elsewhere and then want us to fix them....), and we virtually never use the phone anymore. We have spent years (since 1996 - how many is that now?) building this site up and we think you can find any answer to any question - if you look about a little.

Happy Sprouting!