Pocket Magnifying Glass

Granted, we are a bit extreme when it comes to seeds and sprouts. We are absolutely fascinated by them, and have been for almost 2 decades. Looking at them up close adds a whole new dimension to our admiration. This is a small, folding, variable strength magnifying glass. It is made of plastic. This magnifier is usually comprised of three lenses, though the specific model changes on occasion due to supply limitations. The multiple lenses allow you to view that which you wish to view - seeds and sprouts, we assume - at a magnification of 5x to 10 or 15x (depending on the model we currently have in stock. This magnifier is part of our Kid's Sprout Kit, but it's so much fun to see your crops up close - we figured we should offer it separately as well.

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Unfold the lenses from the storage case. Use one or more lenses together to vary the strength of the magnification.

Magnify your perspective - anywhere you go - with this durable little, variable strength pocket magnifier.


Leafy Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Bean Sprouts Grain Sprouts

Use it on anything and everything. This is just a tiny pocket magnifier. If you are like us, you'll probably find it to be a "Gateway Magnifier". It can easily lead to heightened consumption of better quality magnifying lenses, and even microscopes. Consider yourself warned =;~)

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