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It was May of 1993 when we sprouted our first seeds professionally. We were expecting our first child, were about to move to our log cabin (no running water, small solar power system which allowed us to run up to 150 watts at a time, no indoor plumbing, heat only from a woodstove - you know - a real log cabin), and we were in our first month as venders at the Dane County Farmers Market in Madison, Wisconsin (which was 90 miles away from our cabin). We were planning on selling hierloom vegetables, and seeds (which we were going to save from vegetables we grew). It was a wet spring in the Midwest. We were unable to get our garden planted early, and once we had sold all of our plant starts we had nothing to sell. We were near destitute, living on leass than $150 a week (more than half of which came from the Farmers Market). The day we sold our last plant starts at market, Lori asked; what are we going to bring next week? I replied that there was nothing I could grow in a week. She suggested sprouts. "I hate sprouts!" said I "you grow them if you want to, I'll get some garden plants started." So, Lori went to the food co-op in the town we lived near (Gays Mills, WI - population 500) and bought some seeds to sprout. The thing about Lori is that she didn't just buy Alfalfa and Mung Beans - she bought Adzuki BeansLentils,PeasWheat and more. She got our quart sized mason jars out (we did a lot of canning back then, so we had dozens of jars) and soaked the seeds. By weeks end we had 50 mason jars full of various sprouts. We did better then ever at the market. We took our money to a co-op in Madison (Mifflin Street Co-Op) and bought more seeds. By the third week I was on board. I love seeds, so I found that was my way into sprouts. We made up mixes that made even me like sprouts as a food. We started growing in nursery trays (rinsingdraining and subsequently cleaning 50 quart jars every week is a pain). We were selling something completely unique at this amazing market (the Dane County Farmers Market was, and is located around the state capitol in Madison. It had a lot of organic producers, even back in 1993 - and was patronized by 15-20 thousand people every Saturday). No one had ever seen sprouts grown from many of the seeds Lori started with - and our offerings grew dramatically as the weeks passed. We learned how to grow by comon sense. We knew about gardening, but we didn't read any books on sprouting. We made a lot of mistakes, but as time passed we perfected our own sprouting methods. This allowed us to add even more seeds to our pallete, and to invent more mixes. We know a lot about sprouting - it's hard not too, with all the tonnage we've sprouted - but we're still experimenting with new seeds and techniques, and as always - we're still learning. Life's a trip! 

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Eat More Sprouts!

Raw Sprouted Almond Chocolate Torte
A seriously healthy & delicious dessert!
This is a very simple recipe made with enzyme rich Almond Sprouts. Besides being extremely nutritious - it is exquisitely beautiful and profoundly delicious!

Sprout Hummus
Easy, Delicious and Awesome Good! 
Another simple recipe that can become a staple of your diet.

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As we drift further and further down this page it is possible - if not downright likely - that there will be some "dated" information. We tend our site, but as I've said - we let our home page accumulate - so as the newer stuff is up top, it is possible that you'll see some things down here that seem old. I'd tell you why we let this stuff stay here, but it's a sort of secret.

Sproutpeople in print and on-the-air 

We don't know all the times we're mentioned, or where, but here are some...
We appear briefly in spring issues of Vegetarian Times and Mother Earth News.
2008; In April we were mentioned in Yoga Journal, May had us in Bird Talk and Organic Gardening magazines, as well as back on TV.
HGTV re-aired (it originally ran in 2007) the show that includes Sproutpeople on Gardening By The Yard - in May and June! In September we're mentioned in Natural Health. We do not advertise Sproutpeople. The only way people can usually find us is via word-of-mouth or by searching the internet (We discovered years ago that we are happier selling to people who want what we have - as opposed to selling people on what we have.)
We are very happy to welcome all of you new sproutpeople.

Our site contains hundreds of pages of sprout information, including:

Detailed Sprouting Instructions for over 80 seeds and mixes

Recipes for Sprouts, Micro-Greens and even Grasses

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Sprout School - Learn the Basics of Sprouting

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Wherever you start you will find everything you could possibly hope to learn, and be able to add items to your shopping cart as you go!  That was a big deal when this page first went on our site (around 1998), but now not so uncommon =;-)

Protect Organic Standards

The Organic Consumers Association

Note - Due to poor weather and the relentless assault on our food supply in the form of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), seed supply is down and high quality seed is more and more difficult to find.

As optimistic as we are, we are concerned regarding future supply of quality sprouting seed. The latest problem is Monsanto's choice to plant GMO Alfalfa. This will certainly create a serious shortage of safe (unless you think GMO food is safe) Alfalfa seed in the very near future. This trend is potentially devastating to all life forms on Earth.

And then there's price.

The first thing we see is decreased supply and higher prices. We have been living with this problem for years now. When farmer's seed is contaminated by GMOs there is no undoing it. Supply will go down (eventually to zero?) and price will continue to rise. We are paying 50% more for Alfalfa than we did just a few years ago! We are paying almost 100% more for Clover than we paid 2 years ago.

The cost of doing business just keeps going up and up and up. The credit card companies take about 4% right off the top, then there's taxes, taxes, taxes and more taxes, the web services, phones, power, etc., etc., etc. The cost of packaging, labels, literature... then there is insurance and did I mention the taxes?

We WISH we could afford to keep your costs as low as we did in the past, but we feel survival is the most important goal. We believe, and are told often by customers, that our prices are the best you can find. In addition, we provide this enormous, informative web site. You will find more information here than in any 4 books put together - and it is FREE and always available. Costs are a very big deal these days, as inflation continues to threaten all of us, but they are not the most important concern.

Climate change is a very real problem. As agricultural people we live with it perhaps more than the average person, but anyone is hard pressed to deny it is a serious problem these days. For Sproutpeople, climate change is a cause of decreased seed availability and lower quality seed. Having been around as long as we have, we are able to find seeds of quality in almost every case, but it gets more and more difficult, and eventually it will become impossible unless we can change the future. Do what you can: Plant more plants (trees especially), drive less, work locally to improve your environment: get your town to plant more trees - or at least not cut down those that are there. If we all do a little it will add up to a whole lot of good. Of course - demanding attention from your elected representatives on all levels of government is good too - they can make a much bigger difference - Corporations Are NOT People and that definition MUST change - RE-Regulate Corporations - tell your reps to do that for the America our fathers and mothers and their parents fought for - but - until that happens - change has to come from us little people.

Also vitally important is the need to stop the invasion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), PLEASE join the Organic Consumers Association and write to every single politician you can, DEMANDING that GMO crops be stopped. Example: After GM Alfalfa is planted, its pollen will be carried to non-GM Alfalfa and will contaminate those plants with GMOs. The farmer growing those non-GM plants will now have GM seeds AND if he saves and plants those seeds (a tradition of farmers for centuries) his crops will now NOT be organic, WILL be a GMO AND he may even get sued by Monsanto for patent infringement (it has happened)! That MUST be stopped!


Be well and happy.
Thank you again for your continued patronage and support!
Happy Sprouting!

Gil & Lori

Our Attitude
Unlike some other sprout sites we will not tell you we are the biggest supplier (though we know we are several times bigger than some who claim to be the biggest) of sprouting seeds because we don't care! We will tell you that we are the best - because we are! But you should look around the web and compare. We like people to make their own decisions and to be happy with them.

We have one warning: As you look around our site and especially others - BEWARE DOGMA! Whenever anyone tells you something is so - QUESTION IT! We have been upset for years by the "wealth" of false information offered in books and on web sites about sprouts. It is our opinion that too many people who claim to be experts are not (in all fields - not just sprouts). Most seem to pass on - without question - what they were taught (as opposed to what they've learned for themselves). The result is Dogma and it is very often wrong or at best, only partially correct. Our example is this: When we started sprouting in 1993 we just did it - we didn't go get a book - we just did it. We were market gardeners at the time, so we had quite a bit of knowledge about seeds and plants to begin with. It was a year later that we first picked up a sprouting book and what we found was this: We had been enjoying great success sprouting, using methods that were said to be impossible. Because of that we realized that experimentation is the single most important thing and that the key words to remember as we wander through life are:

Question Authority! Keep an Open Mind: Experiment Freely. And Be Respectful. We are responsible for our actions and must be responsible to humanity if we are to make a better world, so Respect all things and just say NO toDogma!


Every day is an opportunity to do better - not just New Year's Day.
But for many of us the New Year provides the motivation to begin anew.

Sprouts can help.

Want to treat yourself better? Eat better.
You don't have to change everything - just add more of the good stuff.
Sprouts are the most powerful nutrition you can grow.
Good nutrition improves your health, gives you more energy, and is the first step to losing unneccesary pounds. The raw energy of sprouts supports you when kicking bad habits like smoking or drinking. Sprouts help you to think more clearly so you can get organized and enjoy life more with family and friends. Want to help others?
Tell them about sprouts!
(If you tell them about us you'll also be helping a small family business and family farmers).
Learning something new! Learn sprouting - it's easy.
Growing your own food is truly awesome and liberating.
In short, if you want to resolve anything, here is a great way to start:

Eat More Sprouts!

Happy New Day!

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