Rejuvelac Kit

This item has been discontinued. A 1/2 Gallon Wide-Mouth Mason Jar with a Stainless Steel, Medium-Mesh Screen Lid, 5 pounds of Rye and our Instructions and Rejuvelac Recipe.

The simplest super nutritious, fermented beverage you can make in less than a week, Rejuvelac is something all-together different in most folks experience. We quite enjoy it ourselves, though many would consider it an acquired taste. This kit contains all you need to start making and enjoying your own Rejuvelac!

The Rye in this kit comes from a source which is certified organic.

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For Sprouting Instructions, You may see our Rye page, or view/print the instructions specifically for this kit: Rejuvelac Kit. To learn about the Sprouter, click here: Mason Jar.

A staple of Ann Wigmore's Sprout Kitchen.

Though Ann wrote of soft wheat, we prefer Rye, because it is a better sprouting seed. Soft wheat just doesn't have much of a shelf-life as a seed and though we know the seeds aren't required to sprout to make Rejuvelac, we really think it is better if they do - and hey - we are Sproutpeople! We like sprouting seeds!

Rye is a common alternative and we have great Rye - so we combine that with a Big Jar and a Screen Lid plus our Sprouting Instructions and Rejuvelac Recipe - and you have all you need to get going with this mildly fermented grain beverage - which happens to have awesome nutritional content.

The Seeds

5 Pounds of


Another sweet grain sprout favored by adults and kids alike. Rye is easy, and fast to sprout. Great in breads, as a snack or best of all - as the basis of Rejuvelac.

The Sprouter

One 1/2 Gallon Wide-Mouth Mason Jar Sprouter with a Stainless Steel, Medium-Mesh Screen Lid with Plastic Ring.

The most basic sprouter, Jars - when topped by Screen Lids, are a fine choice for any skilled sprouter or for those willing to work a bit more diligently at rinsing and draining, or as an additional Sprouter, for easy sprouts, like Beans and Grains. A great choice for Pre-Sprouting Grass and Greens too!

Would that we were to have something more to tell you - which we have not yet told you - - this is where we would do so.

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