Barley Grass

Barley Grass

$6.57 Lb.

Whole (hull on) Montana or Nebraska Barley. On rare occasion; Hulless Barley

The fresh version of the famous nutritious Super Green supplement. It is even more nutritious in the form of raw juice.

Note: We generally sell a different variety for Barley Sprouts.
Our Barley comes from a source which is certified organic.

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Sprouting Directions

  • Soak 8 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 times per day
  • Plant Day 2
  • Harvest 6 - 10 days

A broad blade grass with a lighter green color than Wheat, Barley Grass is consumed by many people in the form of a powder or capsule called Super Barley Green®. The juice is a much more potent food - as are all living foods. The juice is quite intense - flavor wise, so we advise that you mix it with other Grains to come up with your tastiest juice. That is a completely subjective decision - some of you might love straight Barley Grass Juice - but around here we like to mix it into our Wheat at a rate of about 4:1 (80% Wheat and 20% Barley). The Grasses all provide about the same nutrition so mix and match freely.

You need a special juicer to extract the nectar from this Grass - it is well worth the effort! Look on our Juicer page for more info.

Fresh and green. Less sweet than wheatgrass.

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid
Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Phosphorus, Potassium
Protein: up to 30%

Our current seed grows great grass.

Seed Shelf Life: 2 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.

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  • Great for Dog!
    Made small wooden planter box just for dog, and she knows it is her garden; sits in it like a pasture, munching happily. I have now grown two crops,using minimal drip irrigation connected to my veggie garden. I use netting to protect it until it seems strong, and I remove the plants when they start going to seed (bad for dogs, same as foxtails), an edible crop thus lasting 2-3 months. It's really nice for her and easy for me.
    Ruth 6/6/2015
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