All seeds that sprout will grow a plant.
Some of those plants are very tasty.
we call them Greens.

Greens are a good deal different than Sprouts. Greens are really amazing, but they are a bit more work. For that reason we suggest that you start with Sprouts if you are new to all of this, but it's your life, don't let us push you around.

Sprouts are eaten root and all - Green's roots are buried in something (soil or some other moisture retaining medium) so we don't eat them. Greens are a plant which grows vertically and which we harvest by cutting close to it's base, just above the medium upon which we planted it.

We have grown Greens - on soil - in Trays, for almost two decades. But, we now have options. We have multiple Soilless Mediums (including Baby Blanket and Vermiculite), as well as amendments like organic liquid Kelp Fertilizer, and Earthworm Castings to provide your Greens with nutrients to draw upon. We of course think you should try them all to determine which you like to work with - and which work best for any given crop you're growing. We'll advise you in our Instructions if we feel one is substantially better for a crop.

The most famous of the Greens is Sunflower. Often called Sunnys, they are a staple of Ann Wigmore's living diet - they are very nutritious (as is everything in Sproutville), amazingly tasty, tender and beautiful too! Sunnys require a bit more work than other Greens, but they are well worth the effort.

Many more seeds than are listed here can be grown into Greens. Among the obvious choices are Lentils and Garbanzos which both produce beautiful tasty plants. For now we just list those we have grown and sold for years, but as we always say - think for yourself. Experiment!

If you are looking for Micro-Greens, which are really just the Greens of smaller plants, come
visit our Micro-Greens page.

Greens are easy
Greens are good
Eat your greens
you really should.


  1. Buckwheat Lettuce

    Buckwheat Lettuce

    Whole Buckwheat In Hull for Growing Greens Very tender thin shoots with cute, and outrageously tender leaves and attractive red tinged stems. Our Buckwheat comes from a source which is certified organic.
    $6.54 Lb.
  2. Nalo Greens

    Nalo Greens

    Buckwheat Lettuce, Sunflower Greens, Pea Shoots and Radish This is a new - as of 2010 - mix. The old version has been replaced with this great mix of Big Greens. A great change. Give it a try. Nalo Greens seeds come from sources which are...
    $9.87 Lb.
  3. Pea Shoots

    Pea Shoots

    A fantasticly delicious and versatile (in the kitchen) plant that grows from any and all Peas. We offer 2 varieties now - the Speckled Peas are the Classic. They produce a tall shoot with leaves. The Yellow Peas grow a shorter shoot with leaves...
  4. Popcorn Shoots

    Popcorn Shoots

    Red, White and/or Yellow Popcorn Regardless of color, we stock popcorn that grows shoots well. Since 2007, red has been tough to find, so we have had White or Yellow since. Our Popcorn comes from a source which is certified organic.
    $8.25 Lb.
  5. Spicy Salad Greens

    Spicy Salad Greens

    Daikon Radish, Arugula, Cress Spicy Salad is a beautiful and delicious combination of diversely spicy little Brassica plants! Spicy Salad Green's seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $12.14 Lb.
  6. Sunflower Greens

    Sunflower Greens

    Black Oil Sunflower - In Shell This year we have seed from a California Sunflower farmer. They grow several varieties, but all they grow is Sunflowers. This seed produces absolutely delicious crops! Sunflower Greens are the quintessential...
    $8.42 Lb.