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The SoloStar II is a single auger juice extractor. We are offering it, though we have never owned one - because it is very well thought of in the juice world. The SoloStar juices Grass, and a huge array of Fruits and Vegetables. This is a very powerful juicer! This juicer is mainly designed for wheatgrass and solid fruits and veggies. Soft berries--not so much. It has a pasta setting that works "ok". So think of it mainly as a very strong, reliable juice extractor.

Economical note: We do not stock the SoloStar they are shipped to you by our supplier, so if you order other items as well, know that you will be receiving multiple packages.

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Instructions come with your SoloStar Juicer =:-)

Tribest, the manufacturer of the Green Star, also makes the SoloStar-IlI. They have this to say: SoloStar-3C is the new and improved model of the SoloStar line of single-auger juicers. SoloStar-IIl features improved auger design and advanced filtering technology that has raised the bar for home juicers. It's the only juicer that features 2nd Generation Dual-Stage Juice Extraction - resulting in unsurpassed efficiency and versatility from a single-auger juicer. That means you get more delicious juice from a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and grasses than ever possible from a single-auger juicer. Plus its gentle low-rpm juicing process delivers even more of the essential nutrition from every last drop of juice.

SoloStar-3C has shown dramatic improvements in performance over the original SoloStar. The original SoloStar was the first juicer to employ dual-stage juice extraction, which resulted in higher yields for single-auger juicers. Dual-stage juice extraction uses a two-step process to extract more juice from produce. In the initial crushing phase, juice is extracted before it can be reabsorbed into the pulp. In the second stage, the pulp is squeezed again to obtain the remaining juice. Although the original SoloStar showed dramatic improvements in performance over ordinary single-auger juicers, its performance with certain types of produce was limited.

The performance of our dual-stage juice extraction process has not gone unnoticed. The SoloStar's reputation as the finest single-auger juicer available has led to competing models that have imitated our designs. In fact, new models introduced by our competitors feature the same dual-stage juice extraction process found in the original SoloStar.

However, in response to our customers' desires (and in an effort to offer the latest juicing technology available) our researchers and engineers have developed the 2nd Generation Dual-Stage Juice Extraction process that makes the SoloStar-3C the most versatile and most efficient single-auger juicer available. SoloStar-IlI is the only juicer to feature this new technology and its juice yield and versatility set it apart in a class of its own.

wheatgrass juice We are very proud to tell you that this picture is ours. We have seen it on so many web sites! We sadly broke this shot glass, but it lives on - here and on dozens of other sites. We are flattered that so many grass juice people find our picture good enough to copy. Go for it - that is one of the great things about the internet - sharing.


Grass and other fruits and vegetable you wish to extract juice from.

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