Winter Cat Grass Kit

5 pounds of Kat Grass Seed, Planting/Growing Containers, Baby Blanket planting medium, Liquid Kelp Fertilizer and a Spray Bottle. Keep your kitty (or other grass loving creature) supplied with fresh, nutritious, delicious, tender non-puking* Grass for up to 6 months. Saves your houseplants too! We include extra planting containers (they are about 4x4 inches by the way) in case any break - cats get pretty darned excited about grass =;-D *That your cats will not puke is not guaranteed. We only say non-puking because so many of our customers have told us how amazed they are that their cats do not puke it up. We had it on our Kat Grass sign when we were market vendors. Our farmers market customers always had a good chuckle over it. Our Kat Grass seeds come from sources which are certified organic.


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For Sprouting Instructions, click here: Kat Grass.

You may also view and/or print the instructions we send with the kit: Winter Cat - Kit Instructions.

Salad for Your Cat

Dogs, Rabbits, Turtles and many other creatures love it too.

Animals need fiber in their diets just like people do. Save your house plants while providing much better nutrition - by growing your own grass. We sold over 250,000 containers of Kat Grass between 1993 and 2003 (when we were professional growers), and we've sold tons of Kat Grass seed to home growers since. Need we say more?

Keep your kitties supplied with fresh, nutritious, delicious, tender, non-puking Kat Grass for up to 6 months with a single Winter Cat kit.

For Sprouting Instructions and to learn more about the seed, click here: Kat Grass.

The Seeds

5 pounds of Kat Grass Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and Flax

This mix has won thousands upon thousands of kitty customers and their loyal human growers, over our years as Sproutpeople. The grasses are easily digestible (that is why we refer to it as non-puking) due to their fresh tenderness and provide felines (and many other creatures) with essential nutrients & fiber. The Flax is good for their coats.

Everything Else

For Planting/Growing 5 clear plastic containers with drainage (these containers are similar to those you buy sprouts in at the store) 5 light duty drip bases (to capture runoff after watering) We include extra containers to cover those that wear out - though we often get well over a dozen uses from each.

Baby Blanket Soilless Planting Medium 26 pre-cut pads 6 month supply

Kelp Fertilizer Liquid Concentrate makes up to 50 Gallons!

Spray Bottle Plastic

Detailed Growing Instructions

Though this Kit does come with printed sprouting instructions, you will always find the most information by visiting the seed's detailed page. On our Kat Grass page you will find everything you will ever want to know about the seed, and how to sprout it.

It is necessary to sprout the seed before planting. You can manage without, but we suggest that you also purchase a Sprouter. There are many choices, but here is our favorite:

Easy Sprout Our most popular Sprouter, it is also our personal favorite. Great drainage and the best air-circulation of any Sprouter. It won't grow Grass but it's a great choice for pre-sprouting!


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Nancy P

I was so excited to receive my kat grass kit! I opened it up and got ready to start my first crop only to realize that I need a sprouter and some of the black trays/lids. The kit includes clear growing trays, but nothing to soak and start the sprouts and nothing to keep them in the dark with proper air circulation for the first few days. Maybe the kit should be 4 lb of seeds instead of 5 and include a sprouter and black trays? Once I get these needed items I'm sure the end product will be well received by my kitty friends.

Sproutpeople Reply: You do not need dark and the trays will act as a sprouter - as the printed instructions that come with the kit say. Most of us have a bowl we can use to Soak the seeds =;-)

veeeeery gooooood

my 3 cats PLAY in it lay and SLEEP in it they love it.

Rocky S.

My cats love this grass. The supplies that come in the kit are perfect. Easy and fun.