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In July 1999 the FDA issued a press release warning people to stop eating sprouts because of the health risk they pose.
The contamination links to sprouts are, in many cases dubious and the risk factor no greater than that of any other food,
yet the FDA issues no advisories to stop eating other things that are linked to similar or even greater risk.

The sprouting seed and sprout growing industries have been cooperating fully with the FDA to locate sources of contamination and to find solutions where problems exist from the time the first major outbreak was epidemiologically linked to sprouts in 1995. We therefore ask that you help us to get the FDA to back off of their scare tactics and to resume work on research to help this industry solve it's problems. There is not enough known about food pathogens linked to sprouts at this point for the FDA to make such dire statements. Press releases like this one only serve to ruin small sprout business, most of whom have seen a 30% decrease in sales after a year and a half of bad press from the FDA culminating in the July statement. Please encourage the FDA to adopt a policy of fostering food industries and working with them to solve problems instead of seeking to injure them by panicking the public.



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