Almond Milk

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The best almond milk you've ever tasted


Sweetener (optional)


Soak 1 - 1½ cups of Organic Almonds in cool water overnight (8-12 hours).
Pour the water and Almonds into a Hemp Bag.
Rinse the Almonds until the water runs clear.
Put your Live Almonds in a strong blender (we use a Vita Mix)
Add 4 cups of cool water.
Add Vanilla, Dates, Agave, Honey, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, or anything you like, if you like.
Blend it until the Almonds have turned to mush.
Pour the slurry into your Hemp Bag (over a big bowl).
Squeeze until all the lovely milk is in the bowl.
Transferyour milk to a jar and refrigerate what you don't consume immediately.


Your Hemp Bag is now full of almond meal.  You can use this to bake, add it to smoothies or even have yourself a facial.   This stuff is gold! Delicious, nutritious, and texturally delightful.

If you want to sprout your Almonds ahead of time - follow our Instructions for Sprouting Almonds and refrigerate in a sealed container until you're ready to make milk.

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