Sprout Cereal

The true Breakfast of Champions!



  • Put some sprouts in a bowl.
  • Add some or all of these: fruit, nuts, milk and a sweetener.
  • Dig in.



  • You may cook the sprouts by steaming - if you like hot cereal.
  • Cooking is better left to the denser grains (Wheat, Rye, Triticale, Kamut, etc.) as the soft Grains and Pseudograins (Buckwheat Groats, Oats, Quinoa) will turn to mush quite quickly. Raw is of course always better - nutritionally speaking.


Gil's favorite summer meal is Oats + Groats with some Sunflower Sprouts atop a whole bunch of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and bananas) with maple syrup and almond milk.