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Though you need a special juicer to extract juice from Grass, it's well worth the expense and effort - nutritionally. Fresh juice is a life changing thing.....

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Almond Milk

The best almond milk you've ever tasted


Sweetener (optional)


Soak 1 - 1½ cups of Organic Almonds in cool water overnight (8-12 hours).
Pour the water and Almonds into a Hemp Bag.
Rinse the Almonds until the water runs clear.
Put your Live Almonds in a strong blend...

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Make your own super nutritious fizzy fermented beverage!

We start with Rye, it makes a great tasting Rejuvelac! Try other grains too and find out what you like best.

Soft wheat is a common grain for Rejuvelac, but it is not often a good sprouter, and though some Rejuvelac recipes don't require that th...

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Grass Roots

Fresh Squeezed Juice Will Change Your Life!




  • You do need an extracting type Juicer to get juice out of Grass.
  • We own and love a Green Life (now called Green Star) juicer. It makes easy work of this.
  • Cut an...
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Drink Me!

By adding some tasty juices, you can get your kids - and yourself perhaps - to actually enjoy wheatgrass juice.



Any other juices including but not limited to:

  • Beet
  • Celery
  • Orange
  • Musk Melon
  • Watermelon


ANYTHING you like.




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