Sprout Hummus

Fantastic! We've made this recipe more often than most over our years as Sproutpeople.



  • Mix all ingredients to desired consistency using a food processor.



  • Spread hummus on serving platter drizzle olive oil + sprinkle paprika over top.
  • Slice cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, etc. and place around hummus.
  • or: Spread Hummus on flour tortilla, top with Leafy Sprouts. Roll it up. Serve whole or sliced.
  • Decorate as you wish.
  • We used Nasturtiums and Italian Parsley in our picture.



  • Add Olive Oil, more Tahini or hot H2O for smoother hummus
  • We generally make this with Big Beige Garbanzos. Just thought you might want to know how conventional we are =;-)
  • Variation: Habanero Hummus: add 1/2 habanero pepper (roughly chopped)

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