Eating Ideas for Leafy Sprouts

There are some sprouts that are just too tender to cook. Here are a few ideas for incorporating these tender, delicious, gorgeous, nutritious items into your diet.



Leafy Sprouts
Alfalfa, Clover and our uniquely amazing mixes - like French Garden.

Brassica Sprouts
Broccoli, Cabbage, Radish, etc.

Micro Greens
Arugula, Cress, Bruno's Indoor Garden, etc.

Sunflower, Buckwheat Lettuce, Nalo Greens, etc.

Quesadillas, Tacos and other "Mexican" foods


  • corn, peanut or vegetable oil
  • tortillas
  • cheese - grated
  • onion, peppers, etc. - chopped fine
  • Sprouts
  • cilantro, hot sauce, sour cream and whatever



  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Place tortilla in pan, add cheese and veges - cook until cheese melts and tortilla is crispy.
  • Remove from pan - add Greenie Sprouts, sour cream, hot sauce or whatever. Fold and eat.



  • Use Taco shells and fill them with your choice of ingredients.
  • Top Tostadas or fill a Burrito with a pile of sprouts.
  • The more sprouts the better!




  • Bread: Sliced, Bagel, Croissant, etc.
  • Filling: Sprouts
  • You may also add cheese, tuna, egg salad, tempeh, grilled tofu, peanut butter, hamburger, and/or anything else you like.



  • Build it and eat.



  • If grilling/frying, add the sprouts after cooking.
  • The more sprouts the better!


Other ways to use Sprouts:

  • Pizza topping - after baking.
  • Make a Sprout Salad or add some Sprouts to a veggie salad.
  • Garnish any plate of anything.



  • Perhaps the most beautiful of these sprouts is Radish
  • The most potent flavor is likely Mustard
  • The most unique flavor is Arugula or Cress
  • The most popular are French Garden and Broccoli
  • Eat More Sprouts!

Seeds for Eating Ideas for Leafy Sprouts

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