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Coconut Coir (pronounced coy-er) is a growing medium that holds water amazingly well. It is inexpensive, organic, and feels absolutely WONDERFUL.  It is a phenomenal medium for growing Grass, Greens, and Micro-Greens. We sell Coconut Coir by the brick (almost identical in size to a building brick).  Each brick makes 2 1/2 gallons (40 cups, or 20 Pints) of wonderful loamy material which can be stored indefinitely in a ziplock bag.  This is AMAZING stuff!  We are in love with Coir!


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Before Planting: Thoroughly moisten Vermiculite by spraying it and/or soaking it. To soak Vermiculite: Nest your Growing Tray inside your Drip Tray. Fill your Growing Tray 1/4 - 3/4 full with Vermiculite. (Vermiculite holds water exceedingly well, so you can get by with much less of it. Having more of it in our Heavy Duty Planting Tray will cause less of it to fall through the holes in that tray. Work with it to determine what is best for you. I usually fill the Tray, 1/2 way.) Spray the Vermiculite. When starts to float you have more than enough water (you can stop sooner - and you will, as you gain experience). Let it sit for a couple minutes (it can not sit too long). Gently lift the Growing Tray out of the Drip Tray, while at very close proximity to your sink, or other water receptacle (if growing inside). Set the Tray in your sink. Empty the Drip Tray. Put the Growing Tray back into the Drip Tray. You may - as you empty the Drip Tray - use a strainer to capture any escaped Vermiculite, and return it to the Growing Tray, if you like.

We are absolutely in love with this stuff!  It is a most exceptional growing medium! Coconut Coir (coy-er) holds water phenomenally well and is wonderfully loamy, gorgeous stuff to work with.   Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a ripe coconut.   Coir has been used in many ways for over a millennia. It is a 100% renewable resource which is odorless, lovely to handle, and uniform in composition.  Coir stores unused minerals to be released to the plant as and when it requires it.   It promotes strong root growth and plant vigor and has an ideal pH range of 6.0-6.8 - and it contains significant amounts of phosphorous and potassium.  Perhaps best of all Coconut Coir is naturally high in compounds called lignins.  This compound encourages the development of beneficial bacteria while discouraging harmful bacteria.  You are going to love this stuff too!

Coconut Coir is an approved medium for organic crops.  We like to add Earthworm Castings - 25% by volume for nitrogen, which makes Coir about as perfect as possible.   We also like to mix in 10-20% Vermiculite sometimes too.  Coir plays nicely with everything.

We sell Coconut Coir by the brick.  Each brick is the size of a building brick and produces 2 - 2.5 gallons of medium.  All you do is add 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons of water and mix it up.  It should be the consistency of wet soil medium so add ONE gallon of water first and slowly add up to another half gallon if it is too dry. You'll need a container that holds 3 gallons or more.  Anything will do.  We  will also send you a large ziplock bag to store the moistened medium you don't use right away.   So, one brick of Coconut Coir makes as much as 40 cups!  We use at least 12 cups (6 pints) for an 10 x 20 inch tray of grass, so each brick is enough for 3 full tray crops or  6 half-tray (10 x 10 inch) crops.

It took us almost a decade to find an alternative to soil (Gil is a very stubborn sproutguy =;-) and now we have multiple alternatives! Which you use depends somewhat on the size of the seeds you are planting -  when growing small seeds we generally prefer a finer medium - like Baby Blanket  and STG pads, but now that we have Coir we use it over everything else.  The pads are still great, but Coir is like soil - though much less messy.   It gives depth so roots have more room to grow which we love.   It releases nutrients as needed so crops grow better - and with the addition of Earthworm Castings it produces amazing crops!  It also wins when growing big seeds.   Coconut Coir just totally rocks!

We have grown several trays of grass and all of them taste sweeter and grow fuller blades as compared to Baby Blanket  or STG pads.  Baby Blanket, STG pads,  and Vermiculite are still the cleanest mediums  to work with - and we like them, but to we LOVE Coconut Coir - and it works better for us. Try them all and decide for yourself!  Like Vermiculite -  Coconut Coir holds moisture so well that it keeps your grass growing after you cut it,  making a 2nd - and even 3rd cutting easier than ever.


GrassGreens, and Micro-Greens - and any other seed you want to grow into an edible plant.

Do not try to re-use Coconut Coir. Just compost it and start fresh with your next crop.

Thorough Instructions are given on the detailed pages we have for every seed/mix we sell.


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I use the coconut coir with the Botanical Interests tray sprouter and it is fabulous for growing a big variety of greens. The root systems are really complex and it always grows fast. I get at least two big crops every time. :)


Microgreens grow great on coconut coir. You never even have to water if you start with it wet.