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Hemp Felt is a thin (3/16 inch) medium which holds water well and is easy to handle. Our bulk Hemp Felt is made from Organic Hemp fibers, which are pressed - like felt to form a durable sheet. 1 Bulk Unit = 1 foot x 3 feet We also offer pre-cut Hemp Felt. Look down the page to see. This page is where you purchase Bulk Hemp Felt


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To thoroughly moisten the Hemp Felt, before planting your seeds atop it; submerge it in water. Squeeze it and submerge it, squeeze it and submerge it... Do this until it is thoroughly moist. Put it into a Tray, a SproutMaster, on a plate, or what have you. Then plant your Seeds as instructed.

Hemp Felt is a thin (3/16 inch) pad that holds water very well and which is easy to handle, which makes it an excellent growing medium. Combined with Kelp fertilizer you can grow Micro-Greens without the mess of soil. Hemp Felt is also a wonderful way to grow Grass and Microgreens - though you should consider Coconut Coir for the bigger seeds.

Our Hemp Felt is organic, biodegradable and cuts easily to size to fit any container or tray. Buying it by the Linear Foot is the best deal, of course, though we do offer pre-cut sizes as well.

This is a disposable (compostable) medium. Don't try to use it again - just cut another piece or use a new pad for your next crop.


and any other small seed you want to grow into a tiny plant.

Do not try to re-use Hemp Felt. Just compost your used pad and start fresh with your next crop.

Thorough Instructions are given on the detailed pages we have for every seed/mix we sell.


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Buy this in bulk and save money. Cut it to fit whatever containers you have, soak it in water and liquid kelp ... and grow your own micro-greens! Also excellent for kitty grass. My cats LOVE the grass seed SproutPeople sell.


Verified Purchase

We had picked up a fancy shmancy water fountain for our kitties in which there is a section to place seeds to grow some cat grass. It only came with one batch of seeds to grow, so that is when I found Sprout People. :-)
Anyhow, they said to just sow the seeds into the area, no medium whatsoever.... yeah, it worked, but the cats had the grass, roots and all, dragged out of it before it could even grow much at all..
Enter Baby Blanket! I cut a piece to fit the growing area on the fountain, and positioned it in it.. then sowed the seeds (The wonderful Cat Grass mix ones I got from here.) ... PERFECT! The grass was growing within 24 hours, the kitties could nibble at the new growth without pulling them out completely. Our kitties loves their grasses. (And my other houseplants are saved!)
Since it is a small area for planting (I use about 2TBSP of Cat Grass seed mix per planting), they do go through it quickly in spite of me having one or two more pots with the grass in it around the house. I definitely must keep some of this on had to cut a fresh piece with each new round we will do.

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