Nutritional Supplements


We have tested all sorts of nutritional concoctions - looking for the best things we can possibly offer you, along these lines. We have chosen a local company here in San Francisco - Amazing Grass.

The folks at Amazing Grass produce a great range of products made with field grown wheatgrass from their family farm in the Midwest. We've chosen to offer our favorites. We hope you will like them, too. We have Single Serving packets as well as Bulk containers which contain 30 servings. 

We are offering Wheat Grass Powder and other Amazing supplements. We are doing this to give you a nutritional option during those times when life is too full to allow you time to grow your own sprouts, grass, and microgreens. It's all good!

Be Well and Happy.

Note: We know these don't really belong under Sprouting Supplies, but we could think of nowhere else to keep them just yet.