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We've decided not to have book pages on our new site. At least not much of a shop - at least, not for now.

All we ever had was links to Amazon, and since they change things with some frequency, and we sell so few books, we decided it was better to just send you there to poke around.

Frankly, we think you are better off using our site. We offer instructions that work better than any we've seen in any book, ever.
We have great recipes that are easy to prepare.
We are available 24/7/365.25 and we don't cost you anything.

If you are determined to get a book, our favorite how-to-grow book is Mark Braunstien's The Sprout Garden.

  1. Living With Green Star Recipe Book

    Living With Green Star Recipe Book

    Living With Green Star By Elysa Markowitz When we bought our Green Star Juice Extractor we bought this book too. It is full of great, and very usable recipes. We love it.
  2. Sproutpeople's Recipe Book

    Sproutpeople's Recipe Book

    Our first collection (originally published in 1999, and updated with a few additions in 2005) of recipes includes a wide range (as wide a range as 30 recipes allows) of dishes made, using raw and cooked sprouts. More of a booklet than a book,...

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