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Wear your love of sprouts on your sleeve - or on your chest and back in this case. Imagine all the questions you'll get from people; Sproutpeople, What's that? Grow your own what? It'll be fun! And hey, with the advertising budget us Sproutpeople have - we can use all the help we can get. Be a human billboard for us. We sure do appreciate it!

Organic cotton, made in the USA by socially conscious businesses. Really REALLY soft and durable!

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Wear with pride.

For many years our customers have asked us to sell t-shirts - now we finally have them. They are - of course - organic cotton. They are wonderfully soft, made sweatshop free in the USA and printed by really cool people providing jobs to folks who generally find it even harder than the average person, to find a job.

Our T-shirts are only $19.93 each.
See who makes our shirts.


Besides wearing these when you're out and about, they are the perfect T for growing sprouts!
They may help you grow:
Leafy Sprouts
Brassica Sprouts
Bean Sprouts
Nut, Seed and Pseudograin Sprouts
Grain Sprouts
Exotic Sprouts
Critter Sprouts
and any other sprout, fruit or vegetable you are growing.

Our Printer: sproutpeople,grow your own

Ashbury Images is a non-profit organization in San Francisco. Since 1991 they have provided employment, job training and support services to individuals recovering from substance abuse and homelessness.

Our Garment Company: sproutpeople t-shirt

American Apparel is a socially responsible company located in Los Angeles. They offer exceptionally high quality organic cotton shirts and a progressive and unique work environment. American Apparel pays their employees a true living wage and provides great benefits. Their garments are made in the USA.

Women's Sizing

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American Apparel has this to say about Women's sizes: This line is called Classic Girl. It is designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Because our fabrics are stretchy, each size can fit a wide range of women. See AA's web site.

Please Note: American Apparel calls a 4-6 Medium and an 8-10 Large. The actual sizing is correct. For example, if you normally wear an 8-10 a Large will fit you. These are really stylish, wonderfully soft shirts!

These are form fitting T-shirts. We no longer carry the Women's Large. The Unisex Medium is the logical alternative.

Unisex Sizing

sprout people t-shirt


American Apparel has this to say about their Standard American Unisex line: Our Standard American T-shirts are sized for two categories: Men of all ages who desire a youthful fit; and women of all ages who do not desire the form-fitting look of Classic Girl, but refuse to wear the oversized, unshapely T-shirts of the other leading brands. The Standard American line is designed in the same way T-shirts were in the 70's and 80's.

We sell sprouting seed to grow sprouts - organic sprouts from organic sprouting seeds - so organic is obviously our choice for clothing too. By purchasing and wearing the Sproutpeople T-shirt you are supporting what we do and telling others about it. Sprouts are good, sprouting is good, our t-shirts are good (organic cotton, locally printed by people who help people in need). You are good for spreading the word.

We Sproutpeople thank you!

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