Tencel Sure-To-Grow Pads - 10x20


Tencil Sure-to-Grow (STG) pads are a thin medium that holds water well.

STG pads come in only one size - that which fits our standard 10x20 inch Tray.

Combined with Kelp fertilizer you can grow
Micro-Greens, Greens, or Grass without the mess of soil.

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Tencel Sure To Grow (STG) pads are another soilless medium. These are maybe a tiny bit thicker than Baby Blanket but they function identically. The manufacturer says: Eucalyptus is used for the production of Tencel. Eucalyptus is a tree which grows very quickly and is planted in so-called "wood farms" for industrial use. There is no artificial irrigation or gene manipulation and no pesticides are used. Tencel represents an alternative to cotton. Tencel has the strongest tenacity profile of all the cellulose fibers - and the low use of water and land all make Tencel an eco-fiber.

STG Pads look like polyester! Don't be frightened - they aren't. We were horrified when we first saw them. They work well - they are another fine soilless planting medium for Micro-Greens, Greens, and Grass

This is a compostable medium. Don't try to use it again - just use a new pad for your next crop.


Micro-Greens Greens Grass and any other small seed you want to grow into a tiny plant.

Video Notes

Do not try to re-use STG Pads. Just compost your used pad and start fresh with your next crop.

Thorough Instructions are given on the detailed pages we have for every seed/mix we sell.

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