Vita-Mix Drink Machine 2-Speed


This is a profoundly powerful - and expensive blender -- well -- actually it's not a blender; it's a Vita-Mix.  It is truly amazing. It is a blending beast. It will take whole veggies and turn them into soup, so you know it will blend your basics with ease. 2.3 peak horsepower motor. Durable. Commercial quality. Reliable performance.  64 oz high-impact container, complete with stainless steel blade assembly and lid. Easy to clean! 3 yr warranty on base motor parts, one year on labor.

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I could tell you about this amazing machine, but I'm going to let the standard hype do it. It's all true, in our experience. No need to worry about the sound of a strained, unhappy motor with this powerful 2.3 horsepower machine--even when mixing up nut butters or icy concoctions. It runs substantially cooler than most blenders and efficiently generates blade speeds of over 200 MPH for blending, pureeing, chopping, juicing, grinding, and more. The unit's stainless-steel enclosed blade assembly, with sealed ball bearings can process fresh, whole foods--including the leaves, peel, and stem--in seconds for superior taste and a smooth texture without any stringy bits or unblended chunks. In addition, the unit's easy-to-clean front panel provides moisture-shielded switches, two speed options, and an on/off switch.

The entire blender measuress 20.3 inches from base to lid. It comes equipped with a large, clear, 64-ounce container which is virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant. The container offers convenient measuring marks and a spill-proof locking lid that removes easily. Blend a large batch of soup for the whole family or as little as 4 ounces at a time. Make delicious beverages, soups, homemade dips and sauces, salsas, dressings, desserts, baby foods, purees, and smoothies--the options are endless. 3 year base motor warranty and 1 year on labor.


Grass Greens Leafy Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Bean Sprouts Nut, Seed and Pseudograin Sprouts Micro-Greens Grain Sprouts Exotic Sprouts and any other sprout, fruit or vegetable you wish to blend and mix.

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We do not inventory the Vita-Mix. It will ship to you directly from our supplier, so remember - if you order the Vita-Mix in addition to other items, you will receive multiple boxes - one (or more - if you order a lot) from Sproutpeople, and another from our supplier.

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