Cat Grass

Cat Grass

$7.45 Lb.

Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Flax

Salad for your all pets! Our special non-puking formula has pleased many thousands of cats and cat people since 1993.
It has also pleased rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, iguanas, turtles and many more of our other-than-human friends.

All of the seeds in Kat Grass come from sources which are certified organic.

FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders $60 and up.

Sprouting Directions

  • Soak 8 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 times per day
  • Plant Day 2
  • Harvest 6 - 10 days

Grass for cats, salad for cats (and kittens, and a plethora of other creatures), whatever you call it - it is really amazing stuff! Cats and other creatures need vegetable matter in their diet, just like people, and Kat Grass supplies that along with great nutrition. We even include a little Flax which is good for their coats. Many of you know that your cats need this, because they eat your house plants - that is the surest sign that your cat will love this treat. Kat Grass is easily grown - on soil or a soilless medium - like Baby Blanket. All you do to serve your cat (etc.) is to place the container of living grass near their food dish or in some other place they'll find it.


Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid
Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Phosphorus, Potassium
Protein: up to 30%

If there is anything unique about our current seed, we will tell you about it here. Seed Shelf Life: 2 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.
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  • Thick grass that cats love.
    This is, by far, the best cat grass seed I have purchased. I have three cats and two planters that I use so I bought in bulk (2lbs). The grass comes in so much quicker and thicker than any of the store bought seed I used previously. It also last longer. All three of my cats love it. I cannot sing its praises enough.
    Susan G. 8/12/2018
  • My cat won't stop eating it!
    If I planted 100 pots of this grass, it would all be gone in 15 minutes. My cat loves this grass and won't stop asking for more. Can't grow enough to keep up with her!
    Joan 6/25/2018
  • This grass is the best! My cats love it!
    I've been using this grass for a couple of years, and it is the best for keeping my cats healthy and "non-puking". They love it, and I'm so pleased to be able to offer it to them as they are indoor cats. Add me to the "highly recommend" list!
    Dena 6/5/2018
  • The best cat grass ever
    Our three cats LOVE this cat grass. The Siamese chomps on it all day long. I planted the cat grass in vermiculite and it grew a lush green in one week under grow lights. The cats haven't managed to trample the grass down like they've done with other types. All three highly recommend it.
    Genevieve 12/25/2017
  • Easy to grow, extremely pleased felines!
    I absolutely adore this seed mix and can't recommend it enough. They're very high quality, it's terribly easy to grow, and you really don't need much to get started. I snagged organic potting soil from my local nursery for a couple bucks and used some ceramic pots I had on hand to get started. I don't usually bother with soaking the seeds in advance (laziness on my part truthfully), but the quality is such that I've never had a batch fail when I sprout directly in soil. My kitties seriously LOVE this grass mix. The oat grass is especially nice; the blade is broader and sturdier than the typical straight wheat grass at pet stores, they love to bury their faces in it and snuffle for hours. It really is a 'non-puking' blend too. If there's ever a gap between pots, they'll sometimes overdo it and puke once but that's really it! During summer months I like using this mix to make 'cat grass loungers' in a few big 2 x 4 foot plastic bins I have. When it gets really hot they love loafing long cat styles on the grass to keep cool. It's impossibly adorable to come home and find all your cats jammed into one grass bed purring up a storm in a sunbeam together. Do yourself a favor, use this mix and sprout your own grass! It's cost effective and frankly the best quality seed I've personally encountered. Worth it.
    Emily Santa 6/13/2017
  • A must for fur faced kid!
    Ripley is an indoors cat so she needed fresh greens for a healthy diet. These seeds sprout in a couple days no fail and produce healthy, sweet stalks that she adores. It's a must have for a healthy digestive system. The company has reasonable prices, reasonable shipping and I can support a local NorCal business.
    Kelly 6/10/2017
  • Happy Cats!
    I have many cats in my rescue and the fun starts when it is time to bring in the new pots! I grow between 8-12 pots a week and always have a fresh batch. They all gather around chomping away. I think some of them just like
    to smell the fresh grass and rub their faces in it. Either way it is a big hit here.
    Viki 12/11/2016
  • Love this stuff
    Excellent quality, my cats love this stuff. I grow a new batch every 2 weeks or so and it never fails to please. Re-ordering so I don't run out and get disowned!
    Nancy 10/8/2016
  • Easily Grown Sprout, Succulent before becoming Grass
    I sprouted a sample size for my puppy from a beginner kit. She pulled them out from the soil and scattered them around the floor.

    I found them a bit too strong for me after they developed into actual grass with chlorophyll. However, they were absolutely delicious when I ate them at the sprout stage. I made an oatmeal with dates out of them that lasted me for several days.

    I followed the instructions on the website. I pre-sprouted them using the Easy Sprouter and then planted them in soil using the kelp fertilizer. To avoid the risk of mold, I planted them in one layer and used two of the 5 x 5 growing trays. They grew quickly as the website and videos show.
    Naz 5/20/2016
  • Excellente!
    This is a great combination of grasses for your kitty. It includes oats which are very hard to find otherwise and are a fave with my kitties. The resulting grass and flax are robust. It takes me about 10 days to develop a large stand of grass in a 12 inch shallow pot. It lasts for about 10 days to 2 weeks during which time I start another pot going, so we always have yummy grass growing. I just cut off a handful, bring it inside, drop on floor and kitties come grazing like little cows! This stuff is the best. I have tried buying hard wheat grass seed, which is ok, but this combination can't be beat!
    Morganfey 9/30/2015
  • Great Seeds, Growing Very Fast!
    After looking around for some organic grass seed for my new kitten, I found this and ordered a pound. It arrived in just under a week. I planted it the other day (in the coconut coir medium) and it is growing fantastically well! I won't know how my kitten likes this grass until it grows a bit more, but I'm sure he'll love it :3
    Erin 9/12/2015
  • I'm no expert but here's what I see
    I bought seed kits, and grass seeds from commercial pet stores for over 10yrs. That seed appears larger than sprout company seed and the store bought is light and dry in appearance. This seed appears full of moisture, darker and more plump looks ready to burst with abundant crops. Store seed seems to sprout about 3/4 of its available seed and gives one crop only then turns yellow and dies. THIS SEED seems to grow each and every seed, don't add too much seed or you get the mold, that's the only "danger" of this seed, every seed seems to bloom and maintain a crop after crop. And It's much more INexpensive from store bought. Now that's a waste of seed. In my humble opinion there is NO comparison. If you want to treat your cat to good quality "organic' grass, this is the ONLY choice. Denise
    Denise 5/27/2015
  • The Cat's Meow!
    Kittah and Kitter (Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cat) absolutely love this! I used the Easy Sprout Sprouter to soak the seeds for 3 days, rinsing them daily, then planted four lovely (6"tall) flower pots with organic potting soil. The sprouts appeared the very next day, and on day 3 (6 days total) they were tall enough to offer to my kitties. PURRLOVEMEOWPURR!
    I have two pots inside and as they get nibbled down, two pots outside ready to replace them. This WILL be an ongoing thing, Thank you :)
    Terri 5/12/2015
  • Spooky's must have
    This Kat Grass is like none other. I've tried other brands, blends but this one is the most preferred by my cat. He LOVES it! He does actually purr louder when a fresh pot of this is available for him. And so there uost always be Kat Grass for him in his happy place!
    Robin Ann 4/24/2015
  • Cassie loves it
    My old girl loves Kat Grass from Sprout People. She likes me to leave it as it gets old so she can chose how green she wants to graze. It is not unusual to find 3 different phases of aging grass containers around the house. One just newly sprouted, two others up to 3 weeks old.
    Cheryl Oakland 6/16/2014
  • Makes good juices for people.
    I had leftover of this that my cats were not eating fast enough even tho they loved it, so I tryed juicing it. It's become my favorite to juice because it's not quite as sweet as wheat grass
    jdal 2/25/2014
  • Cats find this irresistable - have patience!
    This is a neat product, which I have no doubt is great for cats - it can be messy at first though, as my cats went bit crazy on it when I first put it down, and, while the non-puking part is true, they need to adjust. Most important - if you do have a mess, DO NOT take it away; let them get their fill of nibbling and playing with it. What I learned is that the initial wild behavior (and overeating) is the result of a pent up need, or even a deficiency. Once that's satisfied, they gently graze just a little bit now and then - as nature intended - and they don't throw it up, ever again. So, have patience!
    Furry Friend 2/13/2014
  • My cats adore this grass!!!
    Been growing grass for my cats for eons. They used to eat my house plants, so I bought some at a local store. They liked it but it was soooo expensive that I thought I'd grow my own. I tried some other seeds from online but they didn't always grow good. Sproutpeople has great seeds. They always grow super. My only problem is keeping my cats away until it's fully grown.
    Wanda Tomato 2/11/2014
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