Grain Sprouts

Grain Sprouts

Grains are a quick sprout, taking as little as 20 minutes, and no more than 2 or 3 days to produce a finished sprout.

If you let large grains like Wheat, Barley, Rye,etc.) grow for several days they produce Grass.

Grains are all sweet, though some are sweeter than others. Kids tend to love them because of their sweetness, so they are often a child's first positive sprout experience.

They can be used in breads, as a cereal, in stir-frys or as a snack - or anything else you can imagine. Oats + Groats and Amber Waves make a fantastic super nutritious breakfast - top with some fruit, nuts, milk, maple syrup....anything.

You won't believe how great Grain Sprouts can be!


  1. Amber Waves of Grain Sprout Mix

    Amber Waves of Grain Sprout Mix

    Wheat, Rye, Barley, Triticale, Oats, Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, Sesame, Millet and Amaranth A beautiful, sweet, delicious and, nutritious mix of 11 sprouting Grains and Pseudograins. All of the seeds in Amber Waves come from sources which are...
    $10.69 Lb.
  2. Brown Rice Sprouts

    Brown Rice Sprouts

    Sprouted Brown Rice will probably still need to be cooked after sprouting (it is too crunchy when raw - for us anyway) - but it is faster to cook and tastier too, and of course more nutritious. Rice is nice. @:-) Our Rice comes from sources...
    $8.45 Lb.
  3. Buckwheat Groat Sprouts

    Buckwheat Groat Sprouts

    Hulled Buckwheat One of the quickest sprouts around - Groats are nutty, plump and extremely tender. They are part of the prefect sprout breakfast! Our Buckwheat comes from a source which is certified organic.
    $7.65 Lb.
  4. Kamut® Sprouts

    Kamut® Sprouts

    The most beautiful big grain we've ever seen! Sweet, Easy to grow, Nutritious, Ancient. Our Kamut comes from a source which is certified organic.
    $8.77 Lb.
  5. Millet Sprouts

    Millet Sprouts

    A lovely little grain that can be sprouted and added easily to many meals. Our Millet comes from a source which is certified organic.
    $7.45 Lb.
  6. Oat Sprouts

    Oat Sprouts

    Raw Nebraska Hulless Oats Hulless, tender and very quick to sprout. These are a wonderfully tender grain with a mild sweetness. Raw, not cooked, not heated, not Hulled. Note: these are the same seeds we sell for Oat Grass. Our Oats come...
    $8.55 Lb.
  7. Oats and Groats Sprout Mix

    Oats and Groats Sprout Mix

    Hulless Oats and Buckwheat Groats Sprouts for Breakfast! The most nutritious cereal ever! Very fast sprouting! Both of these seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $8.89 Lb.
  8. Rye Sprouts

    Rye Sprouts

    A very beautiful thin dark grain that yields a sprout as sweet and nutritious as Wheat. Rye produces - to us - the very tastiest Rejuvelac. Note: This is the same seed we sell for Rye Grass. Our Rye comes from a source which is certified...
    $6.00 Lb.
  9. Wheat Sprouts

    Wheat Sprouts

    The most consumed Grain on Earth. Without Wheat all of the breads and baked goods we love would be but a shadow of themselves. As a sprout Wheat is quite sweet and very nutritious, like all Grains. Note: This is the same seed we sell for Wheat...
    $6.25 Lb.
  10. Wild Rice Sprouts

    Wild Rice Sprouts

    Sprouted Wild Rice is the most tender of the rices. It is not actually a rice at all but an aquatic grass native to large parts of North America. After harvesting from lakes it is slow roasted ("parched") to preserve the grains so is not...
    $21.85 Lb.
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