Nuts, Oil Seeds & More

We have re-classified and combined some of our offerings on this page. For years previous, we have incorrectly classified some of our seeds as Grains - specifically Amaranth, Buckwheat Groats, and Quinoa, which are in fact Pseudo-Grains. Pseudograins are gluten-free and easy to digest. They're great options for celiacs (folks allergic to gluten). Those Pseudograins have now been moved here to keep company with our Nuts & Seeds.

These are all very fast sprouts. The most tender and delicious, non-leafy sprouts reside here. Almonds and Peanuts (peanuts are actually legumes, so they also reside on our Bean page) are the most addictive of all sprouts. Pumpkins and Sunflowers are done (after an hour of Soaking) and 0-12 hours of sprouting, and though they don't store well as sprouts, they won't have too - you'll gobble them down in a hurry.
Madison Market combines all of these most addictive seeds. It is among the most popular of all our items - it is the trail mix of the sprout universe.
We include Hemp here as well. Of course, since we are in the U.S., we can not sell live Hemp seed, which is tragic. Hemp is an amazingly nutritious seed - containing all the essential amino acids and fatty acids we humans require, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals and a good deal of protein. We include it here for those of you lucky enough to live in a country that allows you access to it. We know how to sprout it, so following its links will take you to our sprouting instructions.

Something to be aware of when dealing with these Seeds, Nuts and Pseudograins: Once a seed has Soaked up its fill of water - it is alive. The Soak turns a dormant seed into a living seed. That is the biggest nutritional jump in the entire sprouting process. Once Soaked a seed is without enzyme inhibitors - a very good thing indeed - so they'll digest themselves and nourish you without requiring any enzymes from your body. With some of these seeds we do not even want them to put out a root at all. We refer to such seeds as Soaks. The root we expect to see on a sprout is largely overrated, and in the case of most of these seeds; undesirable. We make this point repeatedly around our site, but you'll see it more in this section than anywhere else. We just need you to understand the reality - it's a fundamental truth - especially in this seedy part of Sproutville.