The Widest and Wildest Selection of Manual Sprouting Devices on This Planet!

They come in many shapes and sizes, though all with the same purpose - to help make you a better sproutperson.

We grew sprouts professionally from 1993-2003. In that time Sproutpeople produced over 200 Tons of sprouts - the same way you do at home: We Rinsed and Drained our sprouts 2-3 times daily, over a sink. We chose to keep our sprout growing a manual operation because we've never seen a machine that can come close to producing the same high quality sprout we can! God knows we searched!

Because of that, you will find that all of the Sprouters we sell are manual. Trust us, sprouting is easy, you do not need a machine! When it comes down to it, manual sprouting even saves you time. Automatic sprouters are very time consuming to clean. And, your crops will be better than any machine can produce. Oh - these sprouters cost less too. WAY LESS.

It is our belief that the simple task of growing sprouts by hand will teach you something about life by teaching you about plants and their needs. Sprouts will become more a part of your life if you tend to them and care for and about them. All that is required is that you spend about 30 seconds 2-3 times a day, Rinsing and Draining your crop. How easy is that?!

Eat More Sprouts + Grow More Often!

All of our Sprouters are BPA free.

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