Micro-Greens have gained in popularity over the years - to the point where they are fairly common these days. When we first grew them, back in 1994 almost no one knew what they were.

They are the most fragile of crops and they have the shortest shelf life once harvested, but they are easy to grow and can be astoundingly beautiful. Some of the seeds are much more expensive, and those that are not, in many cases, will yield less weight than they would if sprouted in a conventional manner - which in essence makes them more expensive. Regardless of all that - this is cutting edge stuff in Sproutville. Give Micros a try. Have fun growing these, and educating yourself.

This is our list of Micro-Green Kits and Samplers.

A Sampler is comprised of 5 Single Harvest Packs.
A Single Harvest Pack contains the amount of seed needed to produce a crop of 25 square inches.

A Kit - in the case of Micro-Greens -is comprised of Seeds and a Sprouter, to grow the seeds on, and a Growing Medium.

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  1. Micro-Greens Kit

    Micro-Greens Kit

    1 ounce each of 6 great seeds for Micro-Greens (3-4 crops worth of each), 6 Reusable Compostable Growing Trays, 6 Compostable Clear Tray Covers, 18 Baby Blanket Pads, and Printed Instructions Every living seed wil grow into a plant. When that...
  2. Micro-Greens Sampler

    Micro-Greens Sampler

    Single Harvest Packs* of Alfalfa, Arugula, Broccoli, Cress & Radish Every living seed wil grow into a plant. when that seed is small we call the first stage of the plant a Micro-Green. There are many seeds you can grow this way. This Sampler...

    Regular Price: $8.67

    Special Price $5.55

  3. Micro-Greens Kit - Seed Refill

    Micro-Greens Kit - Seed Refill

    1 ounce each of 6 great seeds for Micro-Greens: Arugula, Broccoli, Clover, Cress, Mustard, and Radish. This item is a SEED ONLY REFILL for our Micro-Greens Kit (pictured). Every living seed wil grow into a plant. when that seed is small we...