Micro-Greens Kit

THIS KIT IS GONE. WE WILL BE ADDING 2 NEW MICRO-GREEN KITS IN THE COMING DAYS. 1 ounce each of 6 great seeds for Micro-Greens (3-4 crops worth of each), 6 Reusable Compostable Growing Trays, 6 Compostable Clear Tray Covers, 12 Hemp Felt Pads, and Printed Instructions

Every living seed wil grow into a plant. When that seed is small we call the first stage of the plant a Micro-Green. There are many seeds you can grow this way. This Kit will give you a good taste of what these little plants have to offer. Get to know Micro-Greens. They are the cutting edge in Sproutville. When you want more seed, you may buy individual types of Micro-Greens Seed, once you know your favorites.

All of the seeds in this Kit come from sources which are certified organic. NOTE: The compostable tray maker has altered their design. The trays are now a bit larger. The clear tray covers now snap snugly into the corners of the tray instead of over the corners. 

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For Sprouting Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow.

We suggest you start with 1 1/2 teaspoons of seed per pad. Once you are used to growing Micro-Greens you can increase to 2 tsp, but at first it's easier to have a little more space to work with.

The Seeds

1 ounce (enough for 3-4 crops) of each....


Perhaps the tastiest green food on Earth! Well, it's one of our favorites anyway =:-) Arugula is a mucilaginous Brassica seed which produces a mild peppery flavored plant which is among the most gourmet of all salad greens. Arugula is also very high in antioxidant content (according to the University of Canada, SK). The secret ingredient in our French Garden Mix, Arugula was not available as an organic crop back in 1994. Working for years with our dear farmer friends Mark + Ila we have established it as a standard certified organic crop which has been added by many a wise sprout grower to their ingredient list. Arugula along with Cress (which has exactly the same organic history), Onion and Garlic Chive are without a doubt the most essential flavor additions to any sprout kitchen, but to us Arugula is the most essential and unique! You simply must try the Arugula Micro-Greens!!!!


The famous ultra-healthy sprouting Brassica is a great Micro-Green as well. Famous for it's antioxidant content; Broccoli sprouts contain something like 50 times the sulfurophane found in mature broccoli. Variety:Green Sprouting Calabrese


Our favorite straight leafy sprout makes a wonderful tiny green plant too! Clover is the mildest flavored seed in this group, and growing it - if you are also someone who grows sprouts - will teach you a lot about the differences between sprouts and Micro-Greens. Type: Red Clover


A pretty Spicy mucilaginous Brassica which, though little known here, is very popular & common in Europe. An impressive flavor which makes an impressive and aesthetic addition to any salad or sandwich - most especially a finger sandwich at tea time. Variety: Curly Cress (aka Pepper Grass)


Another Brassica with lots of flavor - this one tastes a lot like horseradish - mmmmmmmm!!! This is one of very few NON-mucilaginous Mustards. Type: Oriental Yellow Mustard


The biggest seed of the bunch, Radish is also a Brassica which produces an extremely flavorful plant though it should be noted that the Micro-Green version is a bit milder than the Sprout. Radish Micro-Greens are a beautiful addition to salads, sandwiches, or as a garnish for any gourmet plate. We provided Radish sprouts, and later these Micro-Greens to a world class French restaurant ( L'Etoile) in Madison, Wisconsin. The Owner and Head Chef, Odessa Piper (acclaimed worldwide and a key chef in the sustainability movement that focuses on local cuisine - using only in-season regional food ingredients) used them as a garnish, circling some of her already awesomely beautiful plates. Variety: Daikon

The Sprouter

6 Compostable Tray Sprouters

The height of simplicity - the Tray and Cover are made of corn (NON-GMO) by good people on a mission. It is perfect for mini crops of gourmet Micro-Greens at home or even at the "office".

Compostable Trays are small and so, more for fun than for big-time production. Each Tray also comes with a Clear Cover, which is also compostable. We put 6 sets in each kit so you can grow more at a time, if you like. Also, these will break in time

Capacity: Up to 4 teaspoons of seed per tray.

12 Hemp Felt Pads

For Planting/Growing. Pre-cut - two pads fit in each Compostable Tray Sprouter. Hemp Felt is a fine soilless growing medium. It is ideal for growing Micro-Greens to the Cotyledon stage. It is a thin (3/16th inch) pad which holds water amazingly well. These pads are organic and compostable.

A perfectly simple "Sprouter" (actually 6 of them) with an array of Awesome Seeds!

Micro-Greens are basically just sprouts which grow vertically. These Micro-Greens grow in a moisture retaining medium - Hemp Felt To harvest them you cut them just above the pad on which they've grown. They are the tiniest of plants - hence their name.

Almost any tiny seed will grow in this way given the opportunity, but this is the absolute perfect way to grow seeds which can not grow in a traditional sprouter - like Arugula, Cress, Chia, Flax and other mucilaginous seeds.

Every seed in this Kit is from farmers who are Certified Organic

Each Compostable Tray comes with a Compostable Clear Cover. The Baby Blanket pads we sell are cut to half the size of the Tray, so that you can more easily grow different crops in a single Tray.

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