Brassica Sprouts

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The family that includes the spiciest sprouts
and perhaps the healthiest of all sprouts - Broccoli!

US and Canadian researchers have found that many Brassicas contain antioxidants. They have also found that a symbiotic relationship exists where combining Brassicas increases the total soluble antioxidants.
It's a family thing =:-D

Brassica is the Latin name for the plant family which includes Broccoli, Cabbage, Mustard, Radish and many other well known vegetables. Brassicas are very diverse in flavor and in the type of plants they produce, when grown to maturity in the garden or on the farm. If you like these vegetables you'll love the Sprout version - if you don't like these vegetables you're more likely to like them as Sprouts, if for no other reason then - they are so amazingly healthy - full of antioxidants and the usual bevy of vitamins and minerals, etc.

Some of the seeds on this page are listed as Micro-Greens as they are not sproutable alone, using conventional methods. All of this page's seeds will grow Micro-Greens - if you want to grow them that way. Brassicas are really great and very versatile!
You simply must try some =:-D