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Grain Sprout Sampler

Grain Sprout Sampler

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Grains and Pseudograins are quick sprouts, taking as little as 20 minutes, and no more than a few days to produce a finished crop.

Most Grains are sweet. Some are sweeter than others. Kids tend to love them because of their sweetness, so they are often a child's first positive sprout experience. They can be used in breads, as a breakfast cereal, in stir-frys or as a snack. Oats + Groats and Amber Waves make a fantastic super nutritious breakfast - top with some fruit, nuts, milk, maple syrup....anything.

One of the greatest and most unusual things in the sprout world is a fermented drink; Rejuvelac, on this page you will find a kit to make that too.

This is our list of Grain Sprout Kits and Samplers.

A Sampler is comprised of 5 Single Harvest Packs.
A Single Harvest Pack contains the amount of seed needed to produce a crop of about 1/2 pound.

A Kit is comprised of Seeds and one or more Sprouters, to sprout the seeds in.

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