Grass and Greens

Grass and Greens


We have combined our offerings of Grass and Greens Kits and Samplers because they are grown in very similar ways, and heck - one of our Kits has both types of seed in it. Many a sproutperson who grows one, also likes to grow the other. We prefer folks who are new to sprouting to start their education with sprouts. Hold off on these and Micro-Greens until you have at least a basic grasp of sprouting. These crops are not difficult, but they will be a bit easier if you take things in order. Really, all of what we offer is very simple - if you know you can do it then go for it. It's all fun!

This is our list of Grass and/or Greens Kits and Samplers.

A Sampler is comprised of 5 Single Harvest Packs.
A Single Harvest Pack contains the amount of seed needed to produce a crop of 25 square inches.

A Kit is comprised of Seeds and one or more Sprouters to sprout the seeds in, Growing Medium, and in some cases more - like a Juicer or other things.

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  1. Wheat Grass Kit

    Wheat Grass Kit

    5 pounds of Wheat, 1 Quart Jar Sprouter w/ Screen Lid, A 2 Crop Tray Set, Coconut Coir growing medium, Liquid Kelp Fertilizer, Growing Instructions Grow your own super nutritious Grass. What more need we say? Wheat Grass Juice, is one of the...
  2. Winter Cat Grass Kit

    Winter Cat Grass Kit

    5 pounds of Kat Grass Seed, Planting/Growing Containers, Baby Blanket planting medium, Liquid Kelp Fertilizer and a Spray Bottle. Keep your kitty (or other grass loving creature) supplied with fresh, nutritious, delicious, tender non-puking*...
  3. Lil Critter Grass Kit

    Lil Critter Grass Kit

    3 lightweight plastic containers for planting/growing along with 3 solid bases to capture water (this is basically a house plant after all), 2 pounds of Wheat Grass Seed, a 3 month supply (13 pre-cut pieces) of Baby Blanket planting medium,...
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