Harvesting is what we do when our crop is done growing.

Every seed and mix we sell has its own detailed information page. The details of harvesting are noted on those pages. To get to those pages - start on our Seeds Page, then navigate first to the TYPE of seed/mix (i.e. Leafy, Beans, Micro-Greens, etc.). On the Type page, click the name of the seed/mix (i.e. French Garden, Beanie's Awesome Mix, Bruno's Indoor Garden, etc.). You will end up then on a very detailed page which will tell you everything we know about that seed/mix - including when to harvest.

We have decided that putting information here might prove more confusing than useful, and as we very much want you to succeed as sprout farmers, we've chosen to make your work for your answer by making you navigate to those detailed pages. But hey, farmers are used to work. We know you can do it, and you'll be happy for all the knowledge you gain - it's just a few clicks away.


We have one item that is specific to harvesting which you might like to check out:
Produce Storage Bags that can extend the shelf life of your crop substantially.


The Basics of Sprouting:

  • Seed Storage: Keeping your dormant seeds happy.
  • Soaking: Turning a dormant seed into a nutritional powerhouse.
  • Rinsing: Water is the key ingredient in sprouts. Use it liberally.
  • Draining: It is essential that sprouts be drained thoroughly after rinsing. Sitting in a puddle is the most common cause of crop failure.
  • Air Circulation: If your sprouts can’t breathe while growing - they can die. Don’t put them in a closed cabinet.
  • Greening: Photosynthesis is cool, and so is Chlorophyll, but not all sprouts are into it, nor is it necessary. Sprouts of all colors are packed with flavor and nutrition!
  • Cleanliness: Your seed should be clean and your sprouting device should be sterile. Wash your sprouter well between crops. Sterilize when necessary.
  • Storage: Properly stored, fresh sprouts will keep for up to 6 weeks in your refrigerator but fresher is better. Never refrigerate wet sprouts.
  • Eat More Sprouts! Grow More Often!
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