Leafy Sprouts

Leafy Sprouts

All of our Leafy Sprouts can also be grown as Micro-Greens! You will find instructions here

Alfalfa and Clover are what most Americans think of when they think of Sprouts. Tender yet crisp these tiny little plants are - to many - bland in flavor. It was in fact, Gil's utter hatred for Alfalfa sprouts that compelled him (me) to create a flavor filled alternative - Russian Mix, in early 1994. Between you and I; us Sproutpeople have completely changed the concept of Leafy Sprouts for a lot of folks - by combining seeds (which produce Sprouts) with A LOT of flavor, with Alfalfa and Clover (which have little flavor) we have created blends which transcend the old concept of Sprouts.

We wanted to not only like eating our sprouts but to crave them. We found that a Radish seed produces a sprout - in 4 days - which though tiny, has ALL of the flavor (and a far superior texture) of a full grown Radish. We looked (and still look) for more seeds like this and discovered that the Sprouts produced by Garlic Chives, Onion, Mustard, Cress and Arugula also have awesome flavors. We mixed these and other exotic seeds into the rather bland (though texturally exquisite) Clover and Alfalfa to create profoundly crave-able, super nutritious, Gourmet Sprouts! Italian Blend is so excellent and French Garden so perfectly delicious that gourmet restaurants use them!

The mixes on this page have the power to not only change completely your perception of sprouts, but to change your life as well! God knows they changed ours @:-)~

  1. Alfalfa Sprouts

    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition, and easy to grow. Alfalfa is historically the best know sprout in the U.S. Alfalfa produces a deeper green leaf than Clover, but is otherwise very similar. Our Alfalfa comes from a source which is...
    $11.99 Lb.
  2. French Garden Sprout Mix

    French Garden Sprout Mix

    Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, Dill The greatest thing ever to happen to Leafy Sprouts! Our most popular blend (leafy or otherwise) of all time! French Garden's seeds are from sources which are certified organic.
    $15.75 Lb.
  3. Italian Blend Sprout Mix

    Italian Blend Sprout Mix

    Clover, Garlic and Cress Our second most popular Leafy Sprout Mix ever! Italian Blend is a great way to enjoy Garlic Sprout flavor. Italian Blend seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $16.41 Lb.
  4. Moo Mix Sprouts

    Moo Mix Sprouts

    Alfalfa and Clover Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition, and easy to grow. Funny name. Moo Mix seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $12.21 Lb.
  5. Mother's Mix Sprouts

    Mother's Mix Sprouts

    Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Fenugreek, Natural & Black Sesame & Garlic Chive. A Leafy Sprout Blend, that is full of nutrients that are essential for pregnant and nursing moms. It tastes fantastic. Everyone can enjoy Mother's Mix. All...
    $15.25 Lb.
  6. Nick's Hot Sprout Salad Mix

    Nick's Hot Sprout Salad Mix

    Clover, Radish, Fenugreek, Mustard, Dill, Cress and Celery A seriously spicy combo of tender, nutritious Leafy Sprouts. Nick's seeds all come from sources which are certified organic.
    $15.25 Lb.
  7. Oriental Greens Sprout Mix

    Oriental Greens Sprout Mix

    Alfalfa, Clover, Oriental Mustard, Mizuna, Tatsoi Asian Mustards mixed perfectly in an Alfalfa and Clover base to form a uniquely tasty combo of tender, nutritious Leafy Sprouts. All of the seeds in Oriental Greens come from sources which are...
    $15.58 Lb.
  8. Red Clover Sprouts

    Red Clover Sprouts

    Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition (especially for women dealing with menopause.), Clover is easy to grow, and produces a beautiful green leaf which is lighter green than Alfalfa. Though it is very similar to Alfalfa, we prefer Clover....
    $11.52 Lb.
  9. Russian Mix Sprouts

    Russian Mix Sprouts

    Clover, Onion, Mustard, Dill, Fenugreek The favorite around our house, Russian Mix was our first gourmet geographical Leafy Sprout blend. It runs neck-and-neck with Italian Blend, for Leafy Sprout popularity, among our customers. All Russian...
    $16.25 Lb.
  10. Spicy Mix Sprouts

    Spicy Mix Sprouts

    Clover, Alfalfa, Radish and Fenugreek A mildly spicy combo of tender, nutritious Leafy Sprouts. Spicy Mix is the leafy blend you are most likely to see in your local store, though Sproutpeople's recipe is different - and - as is always the...
    $13.57 Lb.
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