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These are all listed here because they are other then common sprouting seeds.
We have used the words Unusual and Bizarre to describe these - but whatever we call them, really they are here because they are Exotic. They are in some cases, so different from each other that trying to describe them as a group is pointless, but I have to try.
We have moved our Alliums here. Allium is the Latin name for the plant family that includes Garlic, Leek and Onion; Beautiful little black seeds that produce some of the strongest, most recognizable flavors in the sprout universe!
The Sprouts of these seeds taste just like the plants which they produce (which is so often the case in the sprout world) in the garden. These seeds are all expensive because they are hard seeds to produce, taking farmers years to establish, so they are short in supply - and since these are all from certified organic sources, they are even more rare. On top of the cost there are other things unique to Alliums: They take longer to grow than most any other Sprout - from 10 - 15 days - And the seed is short lived under normal storage conditions. Freezing the seed will extend the viability of the seed by years. Without freezing it is unlikely that these seeds will germinate for more than a year - so freeze 'em - that's what we do.

We have also relocated our mixes that are combinations of seeds so different that they need to be grown in 2 steps. 2-stop mixes require a bit more effort but they are quite fun and give one a sense of accomplishment.
Besides moving seeds from other categories, we have added a new seed or two, and will probably add more later. Just take a look down the page and see for yourself =:-)



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