I sure like the site you have and all the wonderful information available.  I have been hanging around this site for several days even though I am a "veteran sprouter".  Althea - Anchorage Alaska

I have to say that I have been delighted (and yes, even a little surprised) to find everything I have purchased to sprout beautifully and to taste good! It is such a nice feeling to find a place where everything is as good as it is advertised to be - in your case far exceeded my expectations! I have been eating sprouts from the grocery store, but my wonderful home grown sprouts (from you of course) are SO much better. Thank you sprout people! 
Christy - Laurel Maryland 

My wife and I "caught on" to sprouting about three years ago after a lot of research on my part (I'm the Net-Person in the family) and we've been jar sprouting ever since learning about this so very simple and nutrient-dense, home-based way of enhancing so many facets of personal health (not to mention lip smacking tasty and tangy).  My sprouting-education is 80 percent the incredible and amazing information you provide for free on SproutPeople.  I wander away on data gathering expeditions, usually based on a notion "sprouted" on your site, but SproutPeople is home.

I print like 60 "www.sproutpeople.com" mini-business cards on some card stock and I carry a half dozen in my wallet all the time.  When we're talking with friends or whoever and the conversation turns in this nutritional direction (and this subject comes up a lot), I pull one of the mini-busines cards and tell them to spend a couple of weeks learning.  The ones I'm carrying now are from the third sheet so I think I've passed out 125 or so.  To those I think will be interested, I invite them to investigate GMO, as well.

You do an incredible job and service.  You need to stop apologizing for your price increases.  Everything but wages go up and we are all used to it.  Moreover, nutrient for nutrient, sprouts are the cheapest good food on the planet.

Thank you for all that you do.
Thank you for the very important impact you have had in my and my family's life.

Hang in there.  We need you.

Bob M. - via e-mail

Great site!  I'm new to sprouting and your site has been a wonderful reference.  You also have an amazing assortment of seeds and tools.  Vicky - Portland, Oregon

I just love you !  I live in New England and sprouts really make a difference not only because of our geography but also I don't have access to gardening.  To grow these wonderful sprouts that are so nutritional and vibrant makes feel good and empowered that I can grow some of my own food.
Thank you for having this business.
Polly  -  Boston MA


My wife and I are just getting into sprouting ... we have gotten some stuff from the "other guys" and then we discovered YOU ... and I'd just like you to know that ALL of our questions that the other guys either ignored or just "sluffed off" ... your simple, little green brochure told us everything we wanted to know. Also, to find information and products is a snap on your web site (I build web site for a living, so I don't give out compliments too often).

So, you're stuck with us, because we're not going to buy anything from anyone else.

One pleased customer,
Bill - via e-mail

We love eating broccoli sprouts; it's our lettuce substitute. I have the sprouters purchased from you  going all the time. Best sprouters I have ever used. Have never had a bad batch since switching to your sprouters and your seeds. Now if I could just get hubby to share in the sprouting experience. Me coming home late one night..did you rinse the sprouts? Him..No..didn't know how to. This after watching me rinse sprouts twice a day almost every day for 6 yrs! Oh well...even our Samoyeds enjoy a taste now and again. Dixi never ate them until Kodi started enhaling her's after eating his. Now she chows down too!  Cynthia - Williston VT


I ate my first sprouts today. I am 54 years old and have never growen them before. I can't believe what I have been missing out on. Store sprouts are like eating cardboard compared to what I just ate. So fresh and tender and the flavor is wounderful. I even messed up. I had the lids on the wrong way and for three days and they had no air and they still grew. Best money I ever spent.

You guys rock and your sprouts are like mana from heaven.

P.s. the cats thank you to. The cat grass is great. :-)

Craig - via e-mail

I love your sprouts and even have my husband throwing them in his salads, eggs, soup and almost everything. Of course my parrots are beautiful and their feathers are glowing with health.  My vet wishes everyone would feed their birds sprouts year round.  Thanks for a great site. Do you have cards that I can hand out?  Nancy - St. Pete FL

I think your website is great, - it's beautiful, simple to navigate without getting lost, well-written and informative. Plus you've answered some of my long-standing questions about sprouting (eg I never knew how to sprout mucilaginous seeds till now).
There are not many sites that are all of these things. Well done.  Ruth - Roseville Australia

I shop on line all the time. This is by far the most informative website I have ever come across. I am brand new to sprouting and look forward to continuing to shop with you. 
Denise, Chelsea, MA.

Fantastic site!  Thank you so much-  I've been trying to find my way into sprouting, as it was such a foriegn concept-  ha! But thanks to your generously informative site, I've got sprout fever and enough knowledge now to go forward.  I've sprouted my first grain today (quinoa, it was what I had on hand), and am anxious to get the easy sprout sprouter and get sprout serious.
Take care, and great job sharing your love for health with others! 
Tara, Portland, OR

Hello Sproutpeople,
       I Googled "Sprouters", hit "I Feel Lucky" and got a site that highly recommended an automatic sprouter for $180.00.  It sounded good; you don't have to do anything but add water, but the yield would have been too much for just me. I went back to Google Search and your site's headline "Sprouting Device Central -- Sprouters for All" appealed to me, so I clicked and started reading.  You said sprouting is easy; you don't need an automatic machine and I believed you and kept reading.  
       The site is well-organized, easy to go back and forth from sprouter information to seed information, the photos are good and useful, but mostly the style of your writing is so inviting, so sincere, so like you could be friends of mine, that I decided to place this order and give you my sprouting business.   Plus, I like that the seeds (except broccoli) are all organic.

I purchased a beginner kit from you 3 years ago.  The easy sprouters, your excellent mixes and kind words gave me sprouting self-confidence.  I've gone on to try most everything sproutable, and have gained more knowledge and confidence with sprouting.  I still prefer your products to anything I've purchased at health-food stores, etc.  Thank you so much!  Cynthia

Thank you for being the BEST sprout web site on the planet! We tell everyone we meet to come and visit you. And we love your seeds. They're always the freshest!

Found your site when I googled for help with sprouting.  Your site has been a great source for demystifying the act of sprouting. The information you suppied made the decision to try sprouting 'for real' easy. Thank you.  Sonia - Goshen NY

Your website and your products are wonderful. So much information and so cheerful!
My parakeets LOVE the bird mix sprouts. They are little feathered fanatics about their new favorite chow.
Thanks so much for your great service!  Christine - San Luis Obispo CA

I found your website searching for info on sprouting.  I love the chatty, down-to-earth format and all the fantastic info. This is the best website I have ever seen!

Thank you both so much for all the great information on sprouting and the recipes.

Your web site is very helpful and instructions quite readable and detailed.

Your customer service is excellent.

It is a total pleasure doing business---which I am glad is your growing growing business----with you folks.

Bless you abundantly,

Ok-  I now love sprouts.  I love growing them, caring for them and then munching them.  I have bunches of the seeds you sell and my all time fav is the San Fran mix.  When it's sprouting I have a hard time not picking out the peanuts and eating them during a rinse.  

Thank you for having so much wonderful information about sprouts and sprouting. It's really been a joyful addition to my life, home and health.

Good work!
Kathy via e-mail

Great web site and amazing, really amazing amount of info.
Editha - United Kingdom

From a new sprouter & grass grower: Unlike other web sites offering sprouts, you have explained so much in detail!... you have created excitement and inspired confidence!  I can't wait to have fun with this new experience in my never-ending quest for healthy, happy living!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   Kristina Kenmore Washington

I found you on the searchengine. I chose your site because it is home-down even on your order page, you do not assume that we know about the little quirks you have. You tell us what we need to do if we need to come back to a certain page to make corrections or whatever. I like that. I have had problems with sites that take it for granted that a customer would know certain things when making an order. I have lost receipts because there is no mention, not even on the last page that happens to be the receipt page that you should at least make a copy because confirmation and a receipt is not going to show up in your email. I remember those sites and I have never made another order with them. I appreciate your site because you see to it that we know because you tell us. It is so down-home. It makes me feel like part of your family when ordering from this site and it is the most down-home site I have ever found. I did not know sites like this existed on the internet and I have been on the internet over 15 years. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.  Roy - Waipahu Hawaii

I found you, thankfully, thru Tonya Zavasta's, Beautiful on Raw ebook's link to your website.  I have already referred two of my client's to you as well.  I fitness train and recommend eating raw foods --especially sprouts.  When I started eating sprouts my energy soared, so I know they are packed with vital nutritious energy.  

I have already gained so much from your website and I am looking forward to learning more about sprouting thru the use of your tools.  Plus I am anxious to taste the many quality combinations you have refined for us.  Thank you so much for all the kindly espressed information.   Marianne -  Fairfield Iowa

Found through Google. You have a nicely designed, very informative site, and seem to be very genuine rather than greedy. Let me know when you get your book done. Kate Seeger

I've used you before. I found you by searching through Google. I'm really happy with your products. Marilyn Noyes

Thanks for such fast turn-around time on pre-holiday order. I really like the leafy sprouts varieties alot so I need more sprouters to provide a constant supply. Hope your holidays were wonderful. Happy New Year! :) David Gak

YOUR WEB SITE IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE A PURCHASE ON. Home depot is much easier and faster. Teresa Stoltey

Great website- I found you because i broke my old sprouter. helen jane Fried

I belong to the TEC list, and have used your sprouts and the easy sprouter! I tried some other mixes/places. But liked yours the best. Angelika B. Burt

Found your site through a Google search -- first site I tried and I obviously didn't have to look any further! Kara Leonard

I really love your sprouts, and appreciate the hard work you guys do to get the seeds to us. Have a Happy Holiday, and come back refreshed. June Lastiri

Thanks for making sprouts interesting. Charlene Munson

Great website with lots of neat stuff! Catherine M Strauch

You have an informative and very easy-to-use web site! Carl Olson

I really like how much information you put on your website for the un-educated sprouter.
Thanks much, April Ernst

Found you on a google search for broccoli sprouts. LOVE your website, had lots of fun learning all about sprout growing. Have had a fairly green thumb so I think I will give this a try. best regards. Laurene Caruso Gili

Found you on the internet. Checked several websites and found yours the most appealing and with better looking equipment. James Baxter

Found you guys on the net while I was doing research on sprouts. Your site is so packed with goodies that it took me several weeks just to sift through the information. I am a newbie as far as sprouting is concerned, but I am looking forward to the experimentation. It's just a bonus that you guys are here in Wisconsin! I hope to make a trip to the Madison Market this summer! Thanks a lot for your hard work; it has made my education so much easier. Melissa Martin

I found you on the internet. I looked at several sites for a spouter. I am very much a beginner and was confused. THe reason I chose yours was because I could order the seeds to sprout along with a sprouter and I appreciated all the information on your site. Jelene Aalsma

Great website! Can't wait to get "sprouted".Stephanie DeQuis

I appreciate the wealth of info you provide on all aspects of sprouting on your website. Kyle Slaven

Love your sprouts. We have been using them for the last two years. Linda Wery

I was just searching for sprouters online. We juice carrots, spinach, broccoli, kale, parsley, etc. We want to try juicing sprouts. Thank you for this site. It is VERY helpful for a new sproutperson like me!!!:)I plan to visit the site often for help and suggestions. Glenna Lundquist

Your web site was the first my query located, but I quickly realized that you have a tremendous variety of organic seeds (my #1 reason for ordering from you), seed mixes, sprouters, and recipes. Karin L. Hanke

Found you in a pretty random way - Yours was the most interesting sounding website found in a google search for sprouting seeds - maybe I should say 'serendipitous' rather than 'random' louise august

hi, found you thru my detox and rejuvenation instructor.
great site. great fotos. looking forward to my first order. mary ferazza

I was searching around for sprouters and sprouts and you were the best site I found. You guys have some great stuff and reasonable prices. I had such a hard time trying to find sprouting seeds at local stores. thanks! Maria Kardash

I found you through Yahoo.com. Great website, full of info. I look forward to stuff my face with sprouts! Marco UK

Found you by searching for sprout info online. Saw a couple of others, but yours is superior to any I've seen. Thanks! James Hartswick

(I found you) By searching Yahoo. The reason I selected you was because of the information you include on your website and the fact that it appears to me as being honest and straight forward talk about your experience with the products. Letting me know what's popular and why. The value of one sprouter over another, etc. That's the kind of info I need! So thanks. Kris

We love your site. My companion and I both used to do sprouts years ago in our "salad days". We are hungry for them again! Dan Guyer

I found you surfing around through various parrot-related sites. Having gotten that out of the way, I wanted to mention how nice your pages look, how easy to navigate. There's a lot of info but you've kept it manageable. My first order was one of the bird mixes and an easy-sprouter. I've recently received a bag of spicy sprout seeds that are soaking as we speak. The bird loves this stuff and it's soooo good for her (unlike everything else she wants to eat). If she's eating sprouts, I don't have to worry about convincing her she wants veggies. Your sprouts are keeping life simple and easy! Thanks! Taylor Brooke

I found your site through 'Ask Jeeves' search engine. You have a great site. Bobby Ellison

found you through the Sherlock search engine (which is a Macintosh search engine that uses google, hotbot and a varitey of others.) I'm hoping your service will be faster than Truefoods, which is who I ordered my last sprouts from. I want to tell you that I I like the helpful information you give on your site (including recipes) and appreciate it very much. Annie McFadden

I found you by surfing the net. Liked your honesty and the comments about trying to patent the seeds. Gross!!! I haven`t been sprouting too long, but recognize this as a fundamental source of good health joe thorne

Thanks wonderful SproutPeople! David Rowley

I buy Sproutpeople sprouts but want to be more cost effective. I like the educational format of your site and also the humor. I plan to visit again once I have received my equipment. I am thrilled to purchase from a Wisconsin company. Monica Schreindl

thanks for a great web site!! Rimas Lukas

I just found this while looking for sprouting information. I read how much enzymes sprouts contained and how nutritious they were. I wanted to know where to find things to begin on my own. The web site is the most extensive and userfriendly that I have ever seen. I've bookmarked it for future sprout seed/bean purchases. Thanks for making this easy ! Cheers ! Trevor Redmond

This is a reorder. Most my sprouting is for my animals -- birds and cats. I love the EZ Sprouter -- it makes sprouting so easy, I wondered why I hadn't tried this before. Then I tried the mason jar with perforated lid -- MUCH harder! EZ Sprouter is a winner! Joy Froelich

Hello - I have been making sprouts since the late 60's. Now, I have to drive at least 30 miles to get to a store that sells sprouting materials. I just did a search and was happy to find your Web Site. I am sure that I will visit your site many times in the future. Sincerely, Jane Stanley

Found you by researching (google) other sprout options then always the same Alfalfa, looks like i found it :-) cant wait to try the mixes. Anna-Maria Ways

Keep up the good work! Love your great variety! karen wilkinson

have ordered from you before - great service love your website Suzanne Nottmeier

I am a previous customer. I love your mixes :-)
My sister gave me an electric sprouter, but it does not compare with the easy sprout. Thanks for your wonderful products and information.
Nancy Hunkins

google found your site- not the first hit but the best site! used to sprout in an old mayo jar in the 70's- loking forward to using the kit! Mike Ryan

Thankyou for your really easy to use web site. The instructions are so clear and very appreciated. I like the way shopping is set up and the suggestion to buy more, it make the shipping cheaper. I actually did not know that.(I don't get out much!) Your web site has such a healthy feel to it! (Rather Green actually) (Yes, energy does pass thru the internet). Looking forward to trying your sprouts. Diane Uecker

You guys have the most useful and informative sprout site I have found. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks! Alisia Richardson

Thanks - you have a great selection and very useful info for newbie sprouters. Mindy Hamilton

Great website and terrific information and products! David Court

Thank you again for your superior products; love that Russian mix!!!!
Infinite blessings, Brenda Stinson

Great Site!!! I Just let the search engine find ya'll.John Waterman

I found your website searching on Gogle. Great website. Very informative. Thanks! Jerry Doshier

This is the coolest, most intuitive, least unnecessarily-embellished website I've ever been to. Very nice. Thanks. Thatch

How I found you:I found some alfalfa seeds at the local coop and thought that looked like fun, but there were no instructions. The next day, I read an article in House and Garden on greens and sprouts. I decided to search the net and found your pages. I had read several other sites first and found them not very useful. However, I really enjoy reading your site. It is easy to use and entertaining and informative. I'm very excited to start growing some greens and sprouts. (My first batch of alfalfa did sprout with a mason jar and cheesecloth, but I'm ready to move to the next level now.) It's only been a week so if I'm this jazzed up I'm afraid this will become very addictive. Andrea Watson

Found your site by doing a search on Google. So appreciate all the info you provide on your site regarding the seeds/grains, and info on how to sprout each one. Like your sense of humor, and personal history and preferences, too. Nancy Hoyt

Google Search ... Cool site ... Well developed ... Moves well ... Lots of info. Thomas Dieckhoff

FABULOUS! Marsha Nunley

found you through google.com. love the website, will be back for more reading, thanks for all the info. Annette Aiello

great site...EZ to navigate; not information overload Olga Gromilina

Organic is the only way to go, thank you for your caring commitment! Marcus Kerske

I got your website from a girlfriend! I absolutely love it.Kristen Kopf

You have an AWESOME sight!!! Becky Osterhoudt

I am loving my sprouts so much! thank you for making this easy for me. Thinking about adding some storytelling programs for my school performances about Sprouting & Juicing. Peace and groovyness! Mark Shepard

Hi, there! Your site has a terrific variety of sprouts! I found you through www.rawfoods.com - the Living Foods Site. Christina Dunmire

I found your site through a search engine. I love it! It is soooo helpful especially when you are just getting started! Virginia Kellerman

Hey, thanks fo putting out a great site. It was easy to navigate, helpful, cheap prices. #1. Matthew Gregory

I checked out several sites where to buy sprouts but yours is definitely the most versatile! Keep it up! Thank you. Andrea Queng

Thanks For Supplying The Best Sprouts Anywhere!!!! Carly Bills

Simly amazing. What a great site! It is obvious how much you have put into this business. I look forward to a long relationship! Dan Walbolt

your web site is great, much better than any others.
informative, and easy to use. Shelly R. West

I eat your sprouts nearly every day, and hope to try all of them as I go along. Thanks for your dedication to helping educate people, and guiding them to healthier eating choices. Keep up the good work! You are making a difference! Nancy Bolton

Hi there. Found you by searching the internet for sprouting equipment. I like what you have to offer. You guys seem to know your stuff. Tracy Pokrzywa - Canada

We have been very pleased with the seeds we have ordered previously. We love our sprouter tray and are ordering another. Carol A. Starr


I find this a very attractive and friendly site i really enjoyed shopping and browsing here! best wishes, kind regards, Wim Kijne - The Netherlands

nice website and pleasure doing business, very informative, thanks, rich speder

My dad grew sprouts when I was a kid and I always thought it was a little silly, but I loved the sprouts. I bought them in stores for $4 or $5. Recently, we moved to Germany where sprouts are either unavailable or hugely expensive. My dad has been using your company for years now, so I broke down and asked him about sprouting on my own. So, here I am, buying my first sprouter, and continuing a family tradition! Sarah Bright

I belong to a couple of online bird groups. One of the members belongs to a Holistic Bird group, and that is where I found your site - which is fantastic, by the way. Mimi Iannillo

found you by searching "sprouting seeds" after buying an expensive sprouter, and then wondering where to find organic seeds. Returned that expensive one!

Your site is fun and EASY to use. THANKS for that! Carol J. O'Neal

Very interesting and informative website. Thanks for all the hints. Your excitment and enthusiasm are very refreshing. Maura Mastrogiovanni

Cute site. Very informative and interesting. Karen Oehlman

On my second bag of sprouts for my parrot - it took a little while for him to try them but now he LOVES them! Thanks. Barbara Sanderson

Pretty and informative website! Helen Schmitz

I sure appreciate your passion, dedication and hard work. It scares me to learn of the things our government does to our food. It is so awesome and inspiring to have people like you who provide certified organic products! Thank you!
I have been researching sprouting websites, as I am new to the sprout world, and I have to let you know, your website towers above all the rest. It is so fun, informative and obviously heartfelt. Once again, thank you!!!! Kara Cvelbar

Really great site. You make it look so easy I am going to attempt to grow wheatgrass myself! Thanks for the encouragement. Carolyn Roberts

Found your site with an internet search. I'm just a novice and love the information on your site. Robin Tyler

Thanks so much for being there. Susan Dziennik

Very well ordered site. My first time here. I'm a new sprouter and appreciate all the help I can find. Rebecca S Mallett

We are ordering for the second time....we loved our first order!! Martha Hayden

Just the greatest website and very informative. Thanks! Richard Pappel

Love your website...very informative. Someone gave me some sprout seeds and I had no idea what to do with them. Thanks for all the info. Lee Ceven

Thanks for offering such great products. Karen J. Prather-Laird

you guys are an amazing company! WAY TO GO! much love and happiness to you always! THANK YOU OODLES! alyson butterfield

I am having so much fun I could just squeal. My husband is sooooo impressed that I am growing our own food. It is a bit of work and I am sure the new trays I just ordered will help simply things and not take up so much room. I have been using those clear plastic fast food containers (punched holes in the bottoms with a hot nail for drainage,. they work well but they are odd sizes. It gets really HOT here in Arizona so I am hoping my spouting adventure will not be interrupted. I like the tube and ordered more lids so I could have a screen on both ends for circulation. We will see how it works. I think I'll add a small fan in the kitchen to see if that works. Any ideas to help hot weather growers? thanks for the great web site. It is so easy to use and has such wonderful energy. Diane Uecker

I love your interesting site, can't wait to start Laura Abbady

I found you by looking up "sprouting supplies" on Google. I love sprouts but the ones in the grocery are kind of expensive and they go bad in a day or so. Your site was very informative and gave me the confidence to say "yeah! I can do this myself!" :) Jeanena


found you via internet search on "cat grass".
Thanks for the honest assessment of what you sell! Andrew Franch

Thank you for my past order. When people see this grass growing they are absolutely amazed and love it. I used this grass for centerpieces at my niece's wedding last June and received many compliments. Just finished doing a Spring show and completely sold out of all my containers with the grass growing. Thank you again for the speed and accuracy in sending my order. Barb Bobik

I take your sprouts to the office for lunch most days. They are delicious and my health has improved. Thank you. Evan Comella

I have a real hard time navigating your web site and rarely could use the back button. Lane Conrad

Found your site via google searching for broccoli sprouts.
Great Site! Brian Yuen

Thanks for the excellent service and products! David Court

I am so happy I found you on a Yahoo search. I have spent HOURS and HOURS on your website. After my initial order (only a few days ago) I am becoming obsessed. It is fascinating watching the sprouts grow (it's the first thing I look at in the morning and when I get home from work...crazy huh?) Also...thank you for a healthier way of eating. Lee Ceven

Very informative website! I learned a lot. Thank you. Ami Rutledge

Love your Business. Thanks Amber Schoedel

Love your stuff! Jeannine Hammersley

thanks for having an organic supply of seeds, you're doing a good thing for a very toxic world. Lauren Bozicevic

I found your website to be very resourceful in getting sprouting information. Thank you! Nancy Wu


I bought seeds from you 1.5 years ago and my family has been greatly enjoying sprouts ever since. They were 'first foods' for my son and are currently on the top of his favorite foods list. Even my 'steak and potatoes' husband has been converted. In our isolated Alaskan community, the sprouts we have been growing have become a mainstay in our diet. Thank you very much! Lara Lotze

Found you on the web. Have done extensive research and compared your products/claims with those of others and found you to have the best product. I'm sure my expections will be met by actual results. Thanks for the wonderful site. Jeremy Riddle

Hi Folks
Thank you for putting out excellent easy-to-follow sprouting information as well as practical tips on how to go about sprouting. Manu Gupta

Fantastic site, never have seen a better one! Sheryl Skinner

I cancelled an order with Spoutman because of the price difference of the the bags.
Roy Devoe

This my first order. I was looking for a way to try out organic sprouts that was close to home - you fit the bill! Plus you have a great informative website and i appreciate your stand concerning Whole Foods - it's so great to see people take their stands for the earth over the greenback - cheers to both of you!!! Thanks, Becca Searcy

I'm a regular extremely satisfied customer Annie McFadden

A Google search on Mason jars brought up your site, and I was so intrigued I've spent the last two hours browsing. I'm a vegetarian and a lover of sprouts, but I never considered growing them myself. Now I can't wait to try it! Tammy Oseid

I found you by searching on the internet for information about garbanzo beans. I love your website. It is very informational and user friendly. Lawrence Hendricks

Excellent, very thorough website! Christy Beckwith

Great site, I found you googling for seeds to sprout. I'll be back to check out the recipies and growing hints, thanks again. Who says growing sprouts isn't fun?!?
Susan J Phelan

This is my second order. I just wanted to say THANKS again for having such a great site and great products. I'm a sprout convert...and I've converted at least one of my friends--she tells me she placed her first order earlier in the week. Eat more sprouts! :) Jeanena Spencer


Thank you for such great products, I have ordered from you numerous times, and am now living with my sister who loves your products too, we have 4 of your sprouters and are going to town with them. are trading some with organic farmer across the way, for their organic produce, working out great! not many people locally into sprouts, so we are slowly introducing them to your products, most are amazed that there are so many options! Thanks again for such great blends, and all your wonderful recipes, Blessings to you and your loved ones, and thank you for helping us so much, feeling much healthier since eating sprouts on regular basis. Eve Garing

found you by trying different sites on the web. yours seemed to be the best site.
rob goldman

found you with google search. glad to find you. I like your low-tech, keeping it simple approach. looking forward to spouting, thanks kurt jensen

Dear Sproutpeople,
Well it's been exactly one year since I began eating predominantly life foods and ordering my seeds exclusively from you. Happy anniversary to us. :) Thank you for the role you play in my husband and I enjoying vibrant health.
Peace & prosperity to you & your loved ones,

just comparison shopping for the best buy on wheatgrass kits-ya'll are it. great site!
charis a. smith

Just happened onto your site researching raw foods, I am new to raw foods, just bought a dehydrator and some raw fd cookbooks. Your sight has a wealth of information, especially great for the newcomer, like myself. I am excited about experimenting with sprouts,the kits you have are a great way to get started.Your site is now a part of my favorites, will be visiting regularly to get info, recipes, and to keep ordering. Thanks Debra Rivera

Great website, great selection, great prices, great job. Lydia Poirier

I found you by looking up wheatgrass sprouting on google. I LOVE your web site! I have been to it several times over the past week just brousing and reading! It is very informative. Becky Ferguson

Found you browsing on the web. Thanks for including so much info along with your products. It helped me (a novice) figure out what I wanted to get started with. christopher walts

I surfed on google.com re: "bean sprouts"; Comment: I almost gave up on your site as it loads so slowly (and I have DSL.) I stayed because I was interrupted and allowed your site to finish. This is hands-down an absolutely WONDERFUL site! I'm glad I waited. - DLB

Found you on the internet...you have better prices...great. Joan Civiletto

Wandering around found you. Beautiful site. Beautiful products with delicious images, lots of help. Glad you're here! Susan Betancourt

I found your site by doing a web search. You have a lot of information on your site but it takes some searching to find everything. I'm getting the hang of it. Kurt Paine

THANK YOU for providing good sprout seeds, equipment and information! marcia harmon

You have a great site! Donna Diorio

Google found your site while I was researching automatic
sprouters. On sale "theirs" was $99.00. I just spent
that $99 at your site for enough sprouters and seeds for
3 families to try. Thanks! Linda C Bell

Got an easysprout with my first order, and realized immediately (with all the different seeds I got) that I needed more sprouting help. How did I live with jars all this time? Sigh. At any rate, I still don't have a microwave oven, so I am not completely hi-tech yet.... Still multiple sprouters for me and some for gifts? Luxurious! I so appreciate the informative/fun website you provide.
Thanks, Susan Phelan

I found your company on Google. Oh, and I like your spunk! Sincerely, M.C.Paul

Hi. I want to say thank you (again) for such a great site -- you officially have me as a loyal customer. (And yes, you're right, I cleared the cache on my Mac, and your site this time, appeared much faster for me too.) I appreciate the reply in either case. Also, I'm having a lot of fun sprouting (this time around), the right info makes all the difference, and your Sprout School on-line cinched it for me. Thanks thanks. Daphne Blunck

Your (web) sight is just as much a staple in my life as sprouts are! Thank you, and thank you!!!! Coral Bloom

Thank you for your wonderful site and progressive attitudes! Leha Carpenter

excellent website! Anthony Paretti

I found you by doing a web search for anything having to do with sprouting, since I wanted to start it. Yours was by far the most comprehensive, informative, helpful and enjoyable site so it's the only one I use now. Teresa - Marietta GA

would just like to say the quality of my first batch of mung beans was really excellent. I recently moved here from England and had a great supplier there. I have not been able to match that quality here so far. After sprouting my first lot it was like coming home. thanks alot. Macmillan - Chagrin Falls OH

Hey sproutpeople - thanks for the high-quality food. our bronzewing pionus parrot loves your sprouts! Cindy - El Portal CA

We've been buying your seeds for two years and love 'em! Penelope C. - Naples FL

I found your site on a web search for sprout info. Your site is incredibly informative and nicely done. I thought sprouts were alfalfa. I have never grown sprouts and never even purchased them as a separate product. I had no idea that so many seeds could be eaten as sprouts. I might even be able to get my kids to enjoy some of these! This looks pretty easy to get started, thanks to your step by step instructions for each seed and mix. The recipes are a welcome addition. Allan D. - Jacksonville FL

I love your sprouts! Don't ever go out of business. June L. - Crockett CA

You were recommended on several raw food web sites. After viewing your site, I have found it very interesting and entertaining. The recipe ideas are awesome. I love that you give instructions for everything. Keep up the good work!! Deborah R. - Brush Prairie WA

Love your sprouts!! I am new to the sprouting world. I never thought I would like them, but I started with your Amber Waves of Grain for breakfast along with some of your leafy sprouts added to salads and soups. I crave them now. Thanks for providing such a great/healthy product!! Hillary O. - Birmingham AL

Very easy web site to move around in, made shopping enjoyable, thanks. Rosanna - Henderson NV

After getting an Easy Sprout with my last order, well, its love. The darn thing is the best sprouter I have ever used. So I need 2 more( for now )! Thanks Your site and your seeds and beans are the best! Lorraine - Lowell MA

I just wanted to let you know that we are really very happily spouting away with the sprouter and seeds we bought from you. And even more important is that my wife who always hated sprouts is now an enthusiast convinced by the sprouter and the delicious taste of fresh sprouts. Thank you very much and upon our return in August we will order some more equipment to increase our volume. Orrin - Los Angeles CA

what a great website.... thanks stacy - vero beach fl

Repeat customer. Your sprouts are the best! Thanks! Valerie - NY NY

Sprouts rock! You guys rock! Thanks for such great sprouts! Curby - Eden Prairie MN

I was looking for information on sprouting and your site came up. Thank goodness! I love it! It is just what I was looking for. Thank you for all the great information on your web site. You will be hearing a lot from me!
This is not a gift...just for me ;-) Geri - Wadsworth NV

Your site is fabulous! There is nothing else to even compare it with, which I will mention in the newsletter article I'm writing for the Food Conspirary cooperative in Tucson. Anna - Tucson AZ

i've been on the internet since 1994 (yes, continuously :), and i am just dying to tell you that i think yours is the absolutest, bestest site i've ever seen. it's well laid out, stacks of info, easy to get around - fantastic! well done! (having developed a few sites myself, i know it ain't easy, and you guys/gals have done a fab-o job!). thanks for the enthusiasm-generating experience :) love julie - via e-mail

First, I found you surfing the web. I absolutely love your website, and think you are doing an great job.
I am sure that you do this with every order, but please pack the items securely, as I am in the receiving business, and know how packages get treated sometimes. I just want you to know, again, that what you are doing, and the way you are doing it is very impressive, and keep up the good work! I had to surf through alot of crappy sites to find yours, and I am glad I did. Hope to be sprouting soon. HERCULES - PHOENIX AZ

Absolutely love your seeds!!! Catherine - Ventura, CA

I am so grateful for all the information you have provided on your site. I have finally been able to send my friends somewhere for more information than what I have been able to give them. I am excited by your great selection AND your creative mixes. So much so that I couldn't choose and had to get a sampler! Keep up the good work! AND thanks for the education. (That's why I chose you over the others.) Also I respect the committment to your families stated on a couple of your pages. Susan - West Lafayette IN

Amazing site and you've got the best selction of quality mixes I've seen!! Robert - Chung-Li Taiwan

You guys have a great "writing voice," full of sincerity--it won me over. I am addicted to our farmers' market sprouts and figure it's time to start trying to do it on my own so I can have my own supply. Also, lived on a biodynamic farm for a while and miss growing things and thought this would be a small step back to growing my own food. Thanks for the extensive website. Will revisit when I receive my order. Andrew - SF CA

I was looking for sprouts online and your web site came up. It seems like a great place. Thank you! Linda - Ottsville PA

I absolutely LOVE the Easy Sprouter! I have three of them now and I'm goin' for six! I can't imagine going back to jars. Rose - Cincinnatus NY

Became interested in sprouting and surfed the web for info. Came across your site. Your description of your mixes sold me, and your prices seemed very good. - Steven - Gilbert AZ

GREAT web site. Found it with a search engine looking for sprouters. Karel - Tulsa OK

I have been growing sprouts for years but I gained lots of GREAT information from your website. Susan - West Lafayette IN

Looking forward to entering more fully into the sprouting world or, should I say, your sprouting universe, as you have surely exponentially breached the boundaries of what other folks in the past  considered spouting Reuven BenYuhmin - Taiwan

You have a nice website , as this is my second order , part addition to me and part to some friends. By the way, your sprouters are relatively fool-proof. After the first time, I was a pro. Also , didn't realize how many friends would ask when harvest was done. It's been 25 years since I last sprouted and you made it easy for my re-entry. John - Colorado Springs CO

I found you on the internet doing a search for organic sprouts. I've ordered from you before. Thanks for your wonderful products. Leah - Forestville, CA

What a wonderful and informative web-site! My parrots and I love sprouts. We've been doing on our own without formal sprouters. Now we're in the big league! Thank you for all the help your site offers! Jeanne & flock - Yarmouthport MA

Hi, Sproutpeople, Your website is wonderful -- both inviting to those who are new to sprouting, and full of the necessary solid information.
As you can see, after "testing the waters" with your Leafy Sprout Sampler and a single Easy Sprout in my previous order, I've become a wildly enthusiastic convert. With this order I am plunging into the deep end with (for me) a major financial commitment to sprouting, and growing leafy greens.
Thanks again for making it so easy to step into this new experience, and to grow really, REALLY fresh veggies at home. Judy - NY NY

You guys got a great thing going. :) Keep it up. I found your web address in the resource section of the Sproutman's book: Sprouts: the Miracle Food. Michael - Cleveland OH

I did a web search on Google........ you looked great and I so appreciate all the information on your site. thank you ! David - Benson NC

Fun web sight! I never knew that there was so much to know about sprouts!!! Karen - Ridgeville SC

I love your website....it is full of all the information you could ever want!!! It is so much that it is almost overwhelming!! You have done a great job and seem to have good prices. Thanks for all your work... Alexa - Queen Creek AZ

Great website! You have the best sprouting info and sprouting products I've seen anywhere. Tracy - Port Jefferson NY

Used Google search engine. I read about Wheat Grass and was looking for seeds and sprouting instructions. Checked 5 other web sites and yours was the best by far. More information, easy to navigate. Susan - Meridian ID

Found your site through Google search engine. Fantastic selection - I'll be back!! Pamela - East Dundee IL

Found you on Google. You have great prices and selection. Very Informative too! Brian - NY NY

our kooky-cats love your kat grass, in fact we make it in oversize containers, and they lay in it, ready to stalk any dust mice that comes close..... Seth - Chicago IL

Ya gotta love a website with a sense of humor. You guys are great! Ruth - Wakefield IL

Your site is the 'grooviest' site I've ever had the fortune to explore. I LOVE IT !!!
And, I have purchased sprout seeds from you before and send my customers to your site, too! Why not? Your sprouts are beautiful! We use the seeds to make sprouts for sandwiches and our customers LOVE THEM!
Hugs and happy trails always ...
you guys do a GREAT job! Barbara - Port St. Joe FL

You have a lovely site, and I am finding the information very helpful. Ronalee - Santa Barbara CA

Thank you for the fantastic packaging of the items in the last shipment! I couldn't be happier with all of your products and the marvelous information you provided. I use the sprouts primarily for my birds, but enjoy your sprouts so much more that I've submitted another order just to try out your other sprouts and grasses. Charlene - Sacramento CA

Very cool web site -- thanks for all your work. Catherine - Oakland CA

found you on the web. What a wonderful site! Thank you for all the great info and instructions. Perri - Ithica NY

Found you through a Google search! After reading many sites...came back to you!! J'melee - Rockport TX

I found you through Google. Thanks for your promt and friendly reponse to my question -- I emailed you about my troubles in getting good results with garbanzo sprouts and as you can see I have ordered some garbs from you. Love your site.

Incidentally, I started sprouting after attending a Living Food Institute Seminar and got my sister hooked on sprouting soon after. She emailed me the day after I emailed you to tell me about this great sprout site she'd found --- yours! Robin - Jamesport NY

I love all the info on your websight! I'd really like if it were all available in a book. Thanks! Ron - Harrisonburg VA

Thank you, Sproutpeople, for being such a wonderful, steady resource for me and my family to help us to stay healthy, happy, and strong. May all the good you do come back to you manyfold! Infinite blessings, Brenda - Braddock NJ

The site, and your enthusiasm, are splendid. I haven't sprouted for 15 yrs. Leslie - Fort Lauderdale FL

Your web page is terrific! Craig - St. Petersburg FL

Great web site! I originally found you with a Google search for sprouts when I couldn't find any locally. I have given out your address to my "sprouty" friends and I hope they are purchasing from your company also. Keep up the great work! I love the idea of all the blends and mixes. Kathleen - King George VA

Found SproutPeople via Google search. Looking forward to eating my own crisp sprouts instead of the bruised and limp wannabes at the supermarkets. Nathan - San Diego CA

Fabulous site! Extremely informative, expertly designed and impressively thorough. Thank you. Chris - Long Beach CA

Just searched the web for "mung beans" and found you. What a neat experience! Karen - Bethesda MD

love this site! LaRae - Naples FL

Thanks for all the information. Emily - Ibaraki-ken JAPAN

Really like your website, I went to a few. However, I thought yours was so user friendly, informative, and had a great selection. (Not to mention the most personality!) Brandy - Riverside CA

Found your site with Google. I'm glad I found it! What a great selection of seeds! Kerri - Salem OR

LUV these sprouts---Russian mix and San Francisco mixes are our current favorites!! Will be trying others!! Chris - Hillsborough NJ

Great site. Very informative. Travis - Lawrenceville GA

What a cooool web site! Patricia - Saint Petersburg FL

This is a great site! Thanks. Beth - Fredericksburg VA

I found you on the internet and am absolutely thrilled at the incredible variety available! Fran - Thornhill Ontario Canada

This is my second order, and at the rate the Alfalfarama is disapearing the next one won't be far behind. Congratulations on your great product, and thanks! David - Dalhart TX

Great site. I looked at others but yours was the most informative and "real" out there. I look forward to learning about the world of sprouting from you. Thank you for the comprehensive overview and fun read. Heather - Ft Lauderdale FL

My neighbor swears by your products and I have seen her beautiful bird! Georgia - Benton City WA

Used Google to find-also checked out lots of other sites and looked into books. Yours is by far the best and the only information I trust. Write the book; what I've read in some of them is nonsense and I'm sure the author didn't do much sprouting. Marilyn - Chaparral NM

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