If you came to this page it is likely that you already know how totally powerful the juice of Wheat Grass is. All of the research we've seen indicates that every cereal grass is totally powerful - they vary in some minor ways - but not enough to claim any one is the best. So choose what you want and know that you are taking a food into your body which is as good as food gets! Since these are all so good, we think you should choose based on flavor - so you enjoy your Super Green Beverage as much as possible.

Many folks have been seduced by advertising, into thinking that Barley is the way to go. As we say - research we've seen does not indicate that - and frankly, the juice of Barley Grass is horrid! We will mix Barley with Wheat (4:1 wheat) as they grow at the same rate, but we have found no other way we can even tolerate Barley Grass juice. Wheat is the staple of course - it is sweet, inexpensive, easy to grow and high quality seed is readily available. We generally stick with Wheat ourselves, but you should feel free to try them all to see which you prefer.

There are few people who actually enjoy the flavor of Grass Juice, but we all drink it because we know how perfect it is - because we FEEL IT as soon as we drink it! If there is any way you can afford it, you should consider getting the Green Star juicer. You can juice almost everything with it which allows you to mix your juices - which makes your juice taste better - which makes it easier to drink - which means you can drink more (within reason mind you) - which means you will feel better. You can find the Green Star cheaper at other web sites, so if you're close - $ wise - look around - the important thing is that you have what you need to make Grass Juice a regular part of your life. There is nothing better!

Don't forget your pets - they like grass too, and there is nothing like fresh tender grass for your cat - especially if he doesn't go outside - and our's is non-puking!!!

Also - Grass makes for a unique, simple, elegant house, table or floral decoration.


  1. Barley Grass

    Barley Grass

    Whole (hull on) Montana or Nebraska Barley. On rare occasion; Hulless Barley The fresh version of the famous nutritious Super Green supplement. It is even more nutritious in the form of raw juice. Note: We generally sell a different variety...
    $6.57 Lb.
  2. Cat Grass

    Cat Grass

    Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Flax Salad for your all pets! Our special non-puking formula has pleased many thousands of cats and cat people since 1993. It has also pleased rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, iguanas, turtles and many more of our...
    $7.45 Lb.
  3. Oat Grass

    Oat Grass

    Hulless, Raw Nebraska Oats Another awesome beverage Grass with nutritional value very similar to that of Wheat. Some cats like straight Oat Grass as much as our Kat Grass. Note: This is the same seed we sell for Oat Sprouts. Our Oats come...
    $8.55 Lb.
  4. Wheatgrass


    Hard Winter Wheat Almost always Red and almost always from Nebraska. Always Absolutely Great Seed! THE Nectar of the Gods! The ultimate blood purifier, Wheat Grass Juice is the closest thing there is to blood itself! Note: This is the same...
    $6.25 Lb.
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