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Produce Storage Bags

Produce Storage Bags

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We've altered our non-seed offerings by adding new ones, re-categorizing and better organizing them all

Click a picture or link to get at them. We haven't gone nuts - you know us - we don't like to sell things we don't personally use, so you won't find a ton of new stuff in this section, but poke around.

We still have the best selection of manual Sprouting Devices on this planet, exceptional Juicers, and a good range of Growing Mediums and Organic Fertilizers and of course our Odds and Ends. We also have a couple 'new essentials' listed under Appliances.

We are also adding - or have recently added Nutritional Supplements. We thought you should have a way to get the nutritional benefits of sprouts when you don't have the time to grow them, hence the addition. Supplements don't really fit under Sprouting Supplies, but we hope you'll forgive us - we just don't have anyplace else to put them right now.

If there is something we are missing - or which you think we really should offer - please let us know.

Happy Sprouting!