Easy Sprout Sprouter - Small Seed Insert

Easy Sprout is our favorite Sprouting Device. This part is used when sprouting small seeds. It makes the slits in the bottom of the Growing Vessel narrower, so small seeds don't escape. When you purchase an Easy Sprout you get this Small Seed Insert, but they do go missing sometimes, so if you need a new one - here it is.

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Snap into the bottom of the Easy Sprout's Growing Vessel.

For details on using this item, visit our Easy Sprout page.

There really isn't anything more to add.


Alfalfa Clover Leafy Sprouts Broccoli Brassica Sprouts Amaranth Quinoa and any other small seed.

Once in a great while a Small Seed Insert will cease snapping into place. To remedy this, take a pliers (needle-nose is perfect, but any will do), and slightly crimp the lip of the Small Seed Insert in 3-4 places - spaced evenly. Voila!

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