Easy Sprout Sprouter - Flat Solid Lid

Easy Sprout Sprouter - Flat Solid Lid


Easy Sprout is our favorite Sprouting Device.

This part is used when storing sprouts in your refrigerator. The Easy Sprout is excellent for produce storage.

When you purchase an Easy Sprout you get this Flat Solid Lid, but if you want another - here it is.

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For details on using this item, visit our Easy Sprout page.

There really isn't anything more to add.


Any Sprout or Vegetable that will fit in a one quart container.

Video Notes

When growing big, thick-rooted Mung Beans, we use a weight. The weight is an Easy Sprout's Solid Base - filled part way with water - with this Flat Solid Lid snapped on top.

Growing Instructions

Snap onto the top of the Easy Sprout's Solid Base. The Growing Vessel should be inside the Solid Base as well, for maximum crop storage life.

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