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We have teamed up Nutrition with the Politics of Sprouts. Odd perhaps, but as both areas are occasionally related, and as both are fairly esoteric, we put them together.

This page offers you the choice of paths to follow if you wish to delve deeper into either subject.

Nutrition: We have said, too often, and for many years, that there isn't much information about nutrition in sprouts. It remains true. Sprouts are not big business, so the research doesn't get done. Sad but true - that's the way things work - or don't work.
We have worked to gather what we can, but you'll have to do your own searching if you want to know more. Let us know if you discover anything.
Sprout Politics: A lot of this stuff is old news, but since it keeps cropping up it is somehow timeless, so we have chosen to keep it on the site.

Before we begin discussing nutrition, let's take a short course in the history of sprouts....

Medicinally and nutritionally, sprouts have a long history. It has been written that the Ancient Chinese physicians recognized and prescribed sprouts for curing many disorders over 5,000 years ago. Sprouts have continued to be a main staple in the diets of Americans of Asian descent. Although accounts of sprouting appear in the Bible in the Book of Daniel, it took centuries for the West to fully realize its nutrition merits.

In the 1700's, sailors were riddled by scurvy (lack of Vitamin C) and suffered heavy casualties during their two to three year voyages. From 1772-1775, Captain James Cook had his sailors eat limes, lemons and varieties of sprouts; all abundant holders of Vitamin C. These plus other fresh fruits and vegetables and a continuous program of growing and eating sprouts were credited with the breakthrough, thus solving the mariners' greatest casualty problem.

This section of our site is split in 2 directions - Nutrition and Sprout Politics.
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