Our Most Popular Seeds

Our Most Popular Seeds

You will find here Alphabetical lists of our most popular items (sprouting seeds, sprout kits, sprouters, and other stuff - including juicers).

These lists are based on sales of hundreds of tons of sprouts and sprouting seeds. We have many years of observation - having been Sproutpeople since 1993 - to draw on and we know for sure that everything listed here is loved by many a sprout person.

We put this list together to make decision making easier for you, but there are a ton of other great items all over our pages, so if you have the time - Please look around.


  1. Alfalfa Sprouts

    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition, and easy to grow. Alfalfa is historically the best know sprout in the U.S. Alfalfa produces a deeper green leaf than Clover, but is otherwise very similar. Our Alfalfa comes from a source which is...
    $11.99 Lb.
  2. Amber Waves of Grain Sprout Mix

    Amber Waves of Grain Sprout Mix

    Wheat, Rye, Barley, Triticale, Oats, Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, Sesame, Millet and Amaranth A beautiful, sweet, delicious and, nutritious mix of 11 sprouting Grains and Pseudograins. All of the seeds in Amber Waves come from sources which are...
    $10.69 Lb.
  3. Beanie's Awesome Sprout Mix

    Beanie's Awesome Sprout Mix

    Green, Crimson & Red Chief Lentils, Green, Marrowfat & Yellow Peas, Beige Garbanzos and Adzukis The most beautiful pastel bean blend ever. Great as a snack or in recipes both raw and cooked! Beanie's seeds all come from sources which...
    $12.11 Lb.
  4. Broccoli Sprouts

    Broccoli Sprouts

    Our current crop is the best Broccoli seed we've ever seen!! The most famous sprout in America.  Mild flavor, mild crunch, and big time nutrition.  Easy to grow - but Broccoli is a cool weather crop - so if you grow it in hot & humid...
    $32.75 Lb.
  5. Cat Grass

    Cat Grass

    Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Flax Salad for your all pets! Our special non-puking formula has pleased many thousands of cats and cat people since 1993. It has also pleased rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, iguanas, turtles and many more of our...
    $7.45 Lb.
  6. French Garden Sprout Mix

    French Garden Sprout Mix

    Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, Dill The greatest thing ever to happen to Leafy Sprouts! Our most popular blend (leafy or otherwise) of all time! French Garden's seeds are from sources which are certified organic.
    $15.75 Lb.
  7. Italian Blend Sprout Mix

    Italian Blend Sprout Mix

    Clover, Garlic and Cress Our second most popular Leafy Sprout Mix ever! Italian Blend is a great way to enjoy Garlic Sprout flavor. Italian Blend seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $16.41 Lb.
  8. Madison Market Sprout Mix

    Madison Market Sprout Mix

    Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds (Hulled), Almonds, and Pumpkins (Hulled or Naked) Market Mix is beyond outrageous! It is the trail mix of sprouts. It is addictive. We routinely eat around our house while the seeds are still soaking. Why Wait?...
    $19.55 Lb.
  9. Mother's Mix Sprouts

    Mother's Mix Sprouts

    Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Fenugreek, Natural & Black Sesame & Garlic Chive. A Leafy Sprout Blend, that is full of nutrients that are essential for pregnant and nursing moms. It tastes fantastic. Everyone can enjoy Mother's Mix. All...
    $15.25 Lb.
  10. Mung Bean Sprouts

    Mung Bean Sprouts

    The most widely consumed sprout on our planet! Absolutely unique, Mung Bean Sprouts are fun to grow and lend themselves to great Recipes. great, grEAT, GREAT! Our Mung Beans come from a source which is certified organic.
    $7.20 Lb.
  11. Oats and Groats Sprout Mix

    Oats and Groats Sprout Mix

    Hulless Oats and Buckwheat Groats Sprouts for Breakfast! The most nutritious cereal ever! Very fast sprouting! Both of these seeds come from sources which are certified organic.
    $8.89 Lb.
  12. Pea Carnival Sprout Mix

    Pea Carnival Sprout Mix

    Green, Speckled, Marrowfat, Tiny Mottled Bill Jump & Yellow Peas A combination of every Pea we have, blended into a subtly beautiful and extremely delicious mix. One of our most popular bean combos! Our Peas all come from sources which are...
    $10.60 Lb.
  13. Peasant Mix Lentil Sprouts

    Peasant Mix Lentil Sprouts

    Green, French Blue, Crimson, Black, Eston, Pardina, White, and Red Chief or Red Cap Lentils We love Peasant Mix! Even if you don't like Lentils, you simply must try Lentil Sprouts! They are Perfect in So Many Ways! All of our Lentils come...
    $11.11 Lb.
  14. Red Clover Sprouts

    Red Clover Sprouts

    Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition (especially for women dealing with menopause.), Clover is easy to grow, and produces a beautiful green leaf which is lighter green than Alfalfa. Though it is very similar to Alfalfa, we prefer Clover....
    $11.52 Lb.
  15. Russian Mix Sprouts

    Russian Mix Sprouts

    Clover, Onion, Mustard, Dill, Fenugreek The favorite around our house, Russian Mix was our first gourmet geographical Leafy Sprout blend. It runs neck-and-neck with Italian Blend, for Leafy Sprout popularity, among our customers. All Russian...
    $16.25 Lb.
  16. San Francisco Sprout Mix

    San Francisco Sprout Mix

    Peanuts, Mung Bean, Adzuki Bean. Black, Crimson, French Blue & Green Lentils. Green and Speckled Peas, and Beige Garbanzos Our most popular bean blend of all-time! There is nothing else in the sprout universe quite like San Francisco...
    $13.31 Lb.
  17. Sunflower Greens

    Sunflower Greens

    Black Oil Sunflower - In Shell This year we have seed from a California Sunflower farmer. They grow several varieties, but all they grow is Sunflowers. This seed produces absolutely delicious crops! Sunflower Greens are the quintessential...
    $9.85 Lb.
  18. Wheatgrass


    Hard Winter Wheat Almost always Red and almost always from Nebraska. Always Absolutely Great Seed! THE Nectar of the Gods! The ultimate blood purifier, Wheat Grass Juice is the closest thing there is to blood itself! Note: This is the same...
    $6.25 Lb.
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