Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Castings are used an an enrichment to any soil type growing medium, for the purpose of supplying additional nitrogen to the plants.

We consider them necessary when growing Sunflower Greens. They are also needed if you are growing Micro-Greens to the True Leaf stage.

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The moisture content in Earthworm Castings varies quite a bit from batch to batch, and they dry out a lot, over time. It is best to get it moist prior to adding it to your base medium (soil). To do this - just add some water to the Castings and mix it up. I do this right in the bag. Add and mix until you have a nice rich loamy product. Then: Mix the castings into the base growing medium. Do not use more than 25-30% Worm Castings. Too much nitrogen can burn your plants. Thoroughly moisten the mixed medium, before planting your seeds atop it.

Earthworm Castings are a necessary ingredient - in our opinion - in the growing of Sunflower Greens. They offer more nitrogen to the growing plants which dramatically improves the quality of the crop - the Sunnys grow more rapidly, more evenly and shed their hulls more readily. Above all - they taste absolutely the best when grown with Castings.

The added nitrogen is also hugely important when growing Micro-Greens to the True Leaf stage.

Earthworm Castings are the excretions left behind by worms after they finish digesting the organic matter that makes up their diet. Now you know =:~).


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Do not try to re-use a growing medium. Just compost it and start fresh with your next crop.

Thorough Instructions are given on the detailed pages we have for every seed/mix we sell.

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